May. 30th, 2017

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Hi! I'm Matt Aaron. I'm 23 (I turn 24 in July) and live in Texas. I double majored in math and computer science in college, graduated cum laude in 2015, and am now working as a software engineer.

I just joined DW two weeks ago even though I am still on LJ since I’ve been a LJ user for so long (since 2007) and have no intention of leaving - but also want to keep up with friends who've left LJ and make new friends on DW.

I have autism, social anxiety, and sometimes depression (and probably OCD as well), so expect there to be quite a few posts where I needlessly(?) worry about being hated for something - especially recently because seeing posts about people moving to DreamWidth is still making me really worried about being hated for still liking/using/not wanting to ever leave LJ (as you can tell from about half of my entries since April 2017).

There's a part of me that's now telling me "You might as well stop writing now because everyone will hate you for still liking LJ!", but if you're not bothered by the fact that I still like LJ or the fact that I post about needless(?) worrying a lot, here's some more information about me:

I'm an INFP. (At least I think I am... the introvert part is definitely accurate, and other INFPs are a lot like me at least.)

A few things I like:
- LiveJournal (obviously)
- Video games (Mario, Super Smash Bros., and Kid Icarus especially; I've also recently rediscovered Chip's Challenge - does anyone remember that game?)
- My number-one celebrity crush: Enya! She's so beautiful, and her voice is so soothing...
- Video game music
- Homestar Runner
- Too many newspaper comics and webcomics to name
- Math and computers
- Posting about dreams, though I don't do so as often as I used to

A few things I dislike:
- Political talk, because I don't like a lot of conflict.
- People who judge or hate each other based on a difference in opinion. This is the major reason I don't like politics very much, but it also applies to people who judge each other based on different tastes in (for instance) movies, music, video games, comics, books, operating systems, web browsers, or fonts... or journal sites.

What do I post about to LiveJournal? (er, and DreamWidth?) Pretty much whatever I feel like posting about.

Hopefully my profile will give you a better idea of who I am (and who I was at various times in the past ten years or so) and/or a good laugh. :)

Add me if you're interested! And if you're still on LJ, add me on there too - I haven't had the time to update entries that weren't copied over from LJ correctly, so my entries probably make more sense on LJ than they do on DW... but considering how weird I am, that's not saying much ;)

This entry probably makes no sense whatsoever, doesn't it...


May. 30th, 2017 09:47 pm
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NAME: Steph
AGE: 27

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: hiking, MCU, Captain America, Star Wars, The Americans, Rockies baseball, Agent Carter, Guardians of the Galaxy, comics, travel, national parks and the outdoors, robots, baseball, college football, crossfit, mermaids, unicorns, Will & Grace, The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight, Arrested Development, lots more

LOOKING FOR: people to chat with about fandom; cool theories/meta; how much they love the outdoors, Steve Rogers or Luke Skywalker; a sense of community

ALSO KNOWN AS: [ profile] birobots, come find me if you want!


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