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Here goes nothing

Hi! I'm Matt Aaron. I'm 23 (I turn 24 in July) and live in Texas. I double majored in math and computer science in college, graduated cum laude in 2015, and am now working as a software engineer.

I just joined DW two weeks ago even though I am still on LJ since I’ve been a LJ user for so long (since 2007) and have no intention of leaving - but also want to keep up with friends who've left LJ and make new friends on DW.

I have autism, social anxiety, and sometimes depression (and probably OCD as well), so expect there to be quite a few posts where I needlessly(?) worry about being hated for something - especially recently because seeing posts about people moving to DreamWidth is still making me really worried about being hated for still liking/using/not wanting to ever leave LJ (as you can tell from about half of my entries since April 2017).

There's a part of me that's now telling me "You might as well stop writing now because everyone will hate you for still liking LJ!", but if you're not bothered by the fact that I still like LJ or the fact that I post about needless(?) worrying a lot, here's some more information about me:

I'm an INFP. (At least I think I am... the introvert part is definitely accurate, and other INFPs are a lot like me at least.)

A few things I like:
- LiveJournal (obviously)
- Video games (Mario, Super Smash Bros., and Kid Icarus especially; I've also recently rediscovered Chip's Challenge - does anyone remember that game?)
- My number-one celebrity crush: Enya! She's so beautiful, and her voice is so soothing...
- Video game music
- Homestar Runner
- Too many newspaper comics and webcomics to name
- Math and computers
- Posting about dreams, though I don't do so as often as I used to

A few things I dislike:
- Political talk, because I don't like a lot of conflict.
- People who judge or hate each other based on a difference in opinion. This is the major reason I don't like politics very much, but it also applies to people who judge each other based on different tastes in (for instance) movies, music, video games, comics, books, operating systems, web browsers, or fonts... or journal sites.

What do I post about to LiveJournal? (er, and DreamWidth?) Pretty much whatever I feel like posting about.

Hopefully my profile will give you a better idea of who I am (and who I was at various times in the past ten years or so) and/or a good laugh. :)

Add me if you're interested! And if you're still on LJ, add me on there too - I haven't had the time to update entries that weren't copied over from LJ correctly, so my entries probably make more sense on LJ than they do on DW... but considering how weird I am, that's not saying much ;)

This entry probably makes no sense whatsoever, doesn't it...
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Aw, don't be nervous! It all made perfect sense to me, but I'm an INFP as well, and am really anxious... and maybe have OCD. I like video game music too, and even though I totally suck at math, I like computers, and I like computer science people. And I like LJ! I was on there for years and years and years. I met whom I thought was the love of my life on there, and we were together 6 years. It is difficult for me to go back to LJ now, but that doesn't mean I mind that you like it. :)

Anyway, I do talk politics in my DW, and I have strong opinions. Doesn't mean I need everyone to agree with me, though! I am just saying it as a fair warning. If you think it would be too anxiety-inducing, I 100% understand. I mostly just wanted to say hi, that I'm an INFP too, and I couldn't read this without replying at least and saying it all made perfect sense.

No pressure to add me! I will add you, and you can scope me out if you like and choose for yourself. I promise, I will not be offended. My journal is really weird, and it, and I, can be a lot to handle, so don't worry if you're like "no thanks"!
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Aww, I do! I completely understand. And if things are weird or confrontational or whatever else, please don't ever feel obligated to comment either. You can always just be like, "eek! *skip*" My journal is often the place for me to say the kinds of things I can't otherwise say. The intent is not to offend, but I think it could be taken that way. (I'm not used to having readers! Back in my LJ days, I had so many readers and friends!)
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I can understand. I get that way about things, and if people try to interrupt my routine to help me, I just get anxious as can be!

I have a friend, and she has a ton of magazines saved up in her house. She needs to recycle them, but she has to read them first before she's able to do that. She's making good progress, but it's hard on her!
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I am also autistic.
What programming languages are your favourites?
Most people I know cross post to LJ from DW. DW was smart to include an option to auto-cross post from DW to LJ or any other LJ clones. You think you'll find that useful.
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hey it's ok
you are ok
like what you like

i am finding dreamwidth BORING!
i don't like L J moving to Russia
but it's more entertaining there

i come over here periodically to check for friends who moved but in the short time i have for this i go where it's easiest

read me here or there if you want
well, not much here
i was going to cross post but if i'm commenting there it's just easier to do everything on one site
but know that i will keep you in my thoughts
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You seem cool to me. My profile might indicate I am more political than I am but it is more I mention going out and doing things for my party than trying to convince anyone of anything. I'm Scottish so most wouldn't know what I mean anyway. You sound interesting as I say and I would like to be friends but you can have a look at my profile and decide either to circle me or not. I reallly really love that you appreciate game soundtracks. They deserve so much more love!
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[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith 2017-06-04 10:15 am (UTC)(link)
You sound interesting. Feel free to drop by my blog to see if you like it. I generally aim to maintain safe space and have other neurovariant fans already. Also I write An Army of One: The Autistic Secession in Space.
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Re: Hello!

[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith 2017-06-04 05:20 pm (UTC)(link)
I have added you back.

By the way, your icon makes me think of the kind of therapy that's designed to make someone seem normal by hiding their true self. >_< It's a lot harder to find anything that teaches people to work with the body/brain they have.
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Re: Hello!

[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith 2017-06-04 06:36 pm (UTC)(link)
>> Yes, I'm one of those people who feels like my autism is a detriment to what I want in life, mainly because I used to be VERY severely autistic... <<

Okay. Because the inherent pros/cons are not to your personal taste, or because society is built for neurotypical people and resists accommodating anyone else?

>> I don't feel quite this way so much now (note that I was 15 when I made this userpic, and 16 when I redrew it with the same text), but that's mostly because my autism is less severe now and I've managed to get through college in spite of it. <<

Go you!

>> (I still think I might be happier if I was neurotypical [not throughout my whole life, but starting right now or a few years ago or something], but now that I know what social anxiety is, I'm pretty sure that's holding me back more than my autism does, so I'd get rid of the social anxiety instead if I could.) <<

Anxiety sucks. What is harder to deal with varies from one person to another.

>> And I am fully aware that there are people with autism who have never wished they were neurotypical (and even NTs who wished they were on the autism spectrum), but I am not one of those people. <<

That's fine. There is overlap, but in some ways everyone's experience is unique. You feel what you feel, you want what you want.

>> I wish I didn't have to explain all of this every time I tell people that I feel like I might be happier if I didn't have autism.<<

That's exhausting whether you're explaining autism, a wheelchair, racism, sexism, or anything else that complicates your life. It's why folks with the energy and insight to explain their experiences and do outreach are so valuable: most people can't or won't, because it's exhausting. Even if you enjoy it and are good at it, you get tired of it sometimes.

>> And I hope you don't hate me for having ever wished I didn't have autism... You wouldn't be the first one who does. :( <<

Nah. It's your body/brain. What you do with them is your business.

>> (I hope this makes any sense at all - sometimes I'm bad at wording things [and if I offended you this soon after I met you, apparently I haven't improved at ALL over the years], and again, I think this is at least partly because of my autism...) <<

I have a cislunar freakout threshold. It's possible to offend me, but that generally comes from gratuitous personal attacks, picking on my friends, or destroying the world. I'm just not as sensitive to some things as most people seem to be. What people wish for themselves is their own business.

For an example of how tolerant my blog is, I recommend Wednesday's cuddle party.

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Hi Matt, I'm Sam. I was born in July too. Are you a Cancer or a Leo? Do you like Conception 2? I also love pokemon. Oh lordy! Homestar Runner is the best. I love their Halloween thing, where they knock on your door and give them candy.. lol I love the comic strip Peanuts. Charlie Brown.

[personal profile] swiftheartrabbit 2017-06-14 02:59 am (UTC)(link)
I'm a Cancer too July 2. Conception 2 is an rpg. Really good! Addicting too. lol
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Hey there. I'm Adrian and I love video games - Chip's Challenge I haven't played for soooo long but definitely one of my favourites! I would love to add you.

A few things about me: I'm 28, I love anime and Kirby in particular. most of my posts will be about my life or shows I'm watching, though I won't obsess about them completely. Fan of sci-fi & fantasy too.
Feel free to add me back if you want to. :)
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[personal profile] firewhispers 2017-06-20 08:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi, my name is Devin and I have you added on LJ too. My livejournal username is cobwebsinwhite.
Wanna be DW pals too? :D