Apr. 30th, 2017

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Name: Adam Fenton
Age: 34. Jeez - that's old, right?
Location: Scotland
Gender: Male

Describe myself in five bullet points or less:

- Father of one lovely boy; husband of one lovely lassie
- Geek of various stripes
- Fragile/ This Way Up
- Friendly, supportive, lover of fixing things
- Collector of trivia and lover of fascinations (which is mainly what this account is about)

Top five fandoms:

In no particular order
- Star Trek
- Battlestar Galactica
- Babylon 5
- Game of Thrones
- Marvel Cinematic Universe

I mostly post about: Links, links, links! I aggregate the interesting links that I post on my Facebook and collect on my Pinboard. If you enjoy reading random stuff, please follow any of these!

My last three posts:
Interesting Links for 29-04-2017

Interesting Links for 28-04-2017

Interesting Links for 27-04-2017

How often I post/comment:
I post mostly on weekdays with that day's findings.

GIF to describe day so far:
I've been baking, so...
Baking Bread


Apr. 30th, 2017 01:35 pm
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NAME: Logan
AGE: 24
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Music, art (specifically colored pencil and photography), poetry, reading, goth culture, goth music, LGBT things, animals, gender identity. I mostly post about my life more than fandom things, so there's probably going to be some variation in topics posted about, but expect some goth related, some mental health related, some gender identity related. I guess I'm not entirely certain how things will be going forward, I left LJ a while ago so I've been out of the blogging world for a bit!
LOOKING FOR: I guess some shared interests. I'd like people who I can interact with who also are interested in interacting with me. While I don't really post about fandom things, I don't mind if you do! I still enjoy reading about fandom things.
ANYTHING ELSE?: I sometimes, when highly anxious, won't be as active. I also probably will not comment on literally every entry you post. I'm more the type of person to comment when I actually have something to say or a genuine reaction, versus commenting just for the sake of commenting. I do try to comment regularly, though.
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NAME: [personal profile] angrboda. I don't give out my real name online unless necessary.
AGE: 38
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Reading, cross-stitch, patchwork and quilting (I'm a beginner), board games, apparently getting a little bit obsessed with primulas. Yes, the flowers.
LOOKING FOR: Similar interests. Completely different interests. I'm not a fandom person myself (any longer), but don't let that stop you if you are. Minimal politics, minimal religion, though.
ANYTHING ELSE?: Comments. I comment if and when I have something to say, so if receiving lots of comments is important to you, we are probably not a good match. Likewise, I would much rather have one meaningful comment than ten comments just for the sake of commenting. I do try to reply to every comment I receive, though frequently it takes a little time.
ALSO KNOWN AS: Angrboda on Goodreads.

Word up

Apr. 30th, 2017 04:57 pm
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NAME: Alex
AGE: 27
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: I'm into a lot of the usual things. I love music and play guitar and drums, but haven't played as much as I'd like to lately. I'd love to be in a band again, but it's hard to get people together. Mostly I listen to alternative rock i.e. The Smashing Pumpkins, Dinosaur Jr, Silversun Pickups, The Mars Volta, Sonic Youth etc. but I'm trying to broaden my horizons a bit.
I play a lot of vidya games, mainly on PC these days. My most played games according to Steam are Dota 2, Rust, ARK, DayZ and Payday 2 if that means anything to anyone.
I also have a stupidly big collection of board games and a giant bag of dice for D&D/tabletop RPGs. I fancy myself as a (very) amateur writer and I take a crack at NaNo every year. I like to read. Also have a ton of comics/graphic novels but I'm really, really behind on what's happening in comics these days.

LOOKING FOR: I'm just looking for some interesting journals to read, people to talk to, anyone likeminded or even anyone different. As long as you're not a bigot or a massive dick or anything we'll get along swell!

ANYTHING ELSE?: I'm from LJ, looks like that's a recurring theme here. I've been over there on and off since 2005 but it feels like Dreamwidth might be the place to be so I'm crossposting at the moment and will probably try and merge everything over eventually. Feel free to add me here or there!

ALSO KNOWN AS: [livejournal.com profile] bow_mcarrow
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I have moved away from LJ and I'm looking for new friends on here.

Name: Christine
Age: 33
Location: NYC
Gender: Female

Describe yourself in five sentences (or bullet points) or less:
- I am an author and I write romance novels.
- I have lived in NYC all my life and I' a total city girl.
- After over 20 years I'm finally pursuing my dream of going into comedy and have taken my first improv class.
- I love to read.
- I have a bet dog named Breezy who's going to be 8 in June.

Top 5 Fandoms: Impractical Jokers, Outlander, New Kids on the Block, Gerard Butler, Phantom of the Opera

I mostly post about: Every day life, work, best friends, Impractical Jokers, comedy shows and surveys, Sal Vulcano

I rarely post about: Politics. I don't post about them at all.

My last three posts were about:
- Not liking this month cause Sal Vulcano didn't do any shows in the city for me to go to.
- Finishing writing a novel
- Getting a ticket to go see John Fugelsang do a standup comedy show

How often do you post? I try my best to post every day

How about commenting? I comment as long as I have something I can write on someone's entry. But I do comment on entries in return of those who comment on my entries.
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Name: Missy
Age: 40
Location: Michigan
Gender: Female

Interests: Yoga/Meditation, Poetry, Reading Non-Fiction, Crafting/ETSY, Camping, Hiking, Kayaking, Backpacking, Bird Watching, Coffee/Tea, Thrifting, Music (indie/alternative/metal/rock/rap), Cross-Country Train Travel, Recycling/Upcycling

I mostly post about: my two dogs Spam (Rat Terrier) and Pilar (chihuahua), daily life, crafting mishaps, mental illness (I have bipolar I), small business woes, sometimes family/travel.

I rarely post about: religion, although I was raised Catholic but don't practice at any church now.

I never post about: team sports. I just don't play any or watch any on TV.

How often do you post? I try my best to post every other day although on LJ I was a daily poster.

How about commenting? I like to interact with people on my list and get to know them over time.

Looking for? I am quite liberal and progressive as we call it these days and welcome all friends regardless of geographic region, ethnicity/race, straight or LGBTQ+, immigration status, age, education, or even music taste. I do fiercely believe in human rights for all and believe in being a steward of the environment and might mention these issues from time to time, so fair warning.

That is me in the icon. For now. I have a haircut appointment tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes.


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