Apr. 9th, 2017

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AGE: 50-something.

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: I work as a proposal manager, helping my employer win contracts with state and local governments. It's not the most exciting work in the world, but it pays the bills, and I genuinely like my current employer after spending the eight previous years working for a horrible boss. My hobbies are fixing up my home (at the moment), embroidery, bead stringing, crossword puzzles, and travel. I read a lot (although not as much as I did when I took the train to work), and I'm a big baseball fan (go Nats!). I have a problematic relationship with my family of origin, and my late, lamented in-laws were a constant course of material for many years.

LOOKING FOR: Interesting, honest, respectful adults. I enjoy reading about the everyday life of other people, and I hope you'll enjoy reading about mine.

ANYTHING ELSE?: I've been using Dreamwidth to cross-post to LiveJournal for a few years, primarily to have a back-up. Due to the recent, ongoing changes over there, I may be deleting my LJ account at some point. I haven't been posting as much as I would like to, but I do find that this longer from of writing is more useful for some things than Facebook and Twitter, so I expect to be using it more to think out loud. Among other reasons, no one from my family uses this platform, and that's a good thing at times.

ALSO KNOWN AS: dcmarketeer (Twitter, Instagram)
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Hiya. Scottish lady here. I'm 41 which seems ridiculously old but I feel the same inside as I've always done, I just know how to work a washing machine now.

Reading is my main passion in life but it's a solitary pastime. I'm an introvert currently unable to work due to crippling anxiety and OCD. I'm an optimist by necessity.

I like people who enjoy reading, writing, quizzing, swearing and not taking themselves too seriously. I'm not a fan of Dr Who unlike most people on here, but I don't mind if you do. However, if you post endless fanfic we probably wont have a lot to talk about.


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