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Migrating from LJ months later

NAME: Dido
AGE: 37

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Hiking, Travel, Singing, Car Repair, GIS, Sarcasm, Marshmallow Childfree, Silliness, Gardening, Lib'rul Laziness, Sailing, Local community building/environmental action, Good beer
LOOKING FOR: Fellow oldies. Comment wars, oblivion to fanfic/dom (sorry, I ain't got the time), global outlook, people who might laugh at my jokes when I bother to post without judging me for not bothering to post a ton, your candid reviews of lifehacks, well-constructed enthusing or rants, cat photos, non-comic book and movie recs, engagement in life on this ball o' dirt. 

ANYTHING ELSE?: I'm working on recognizing my ingrained NWL flaws in the current moment. I'm cishet chicky, and I enjoy hearing most points of view. 
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1. Nice username!

2. NWL?
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I am most of things on your list. Sarcasm, childfree, your age, a drinker of good bear, lefty-laziness (i don't consider myself a liberal really but to the left of that), traveling (I was a long term expat until three months ago), etc.
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Would love to add you. I, too, am a liberal hiker who loves good beer.
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I’m oldish, 31 years old, living in Finland. I can do comment wars. I’m not into fanfic either. I’m confident that I’ll laugh at your jokes. I got burned out because of something and took a few weeks break from DW but I’m itching to post again. May I add you?
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You had me at 'sarcasm' : D I'm a liberal in my mid-30s and I'd love to add you if that's okay? : )
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Are those of us in our 30s oldies now?

My life's been a little dramatic lately, but if you can bear with that for a while, I'll eventually get back to the kinds of posts I'd prefer to write. Looks like we have a ton of interests in common.

Here's my intro post from this community, a few months old but still accurate.
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I like cheeky, I can do cheeky. If you're cool with it, I'd be happy to be part of your network!
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Hello. Fancy being friends?

Why is it weird to ask that once you are hitting forty? :)