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Hi everyone! I switched to mostly posting via DW about a month ago, since it's easier to crosspost from here to LJ than vice versa. I try to be active on both.

NAME: Andrew

AGE: 34

ABOUT ME: Relatively new lawyer (just under 2 years) in Sacramento, California, running a part-time patent law practice while looking for a job closer to my aspiration of representing people with mental illnesses in civil rights litigation. Semi-professional violist, which is probably the one thing I'm most proud of because I'm self-taught on violin and viola. Former neuroscientist. Overall old-school geek. A bit of a news junkie. Living with depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and PTSD. Originally from Texas, grew up mostly in Dubai.

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: My favorite hobby is picking up new hobbies. Things that take up more time and brain space than others include music (classical violist and composer, jazz listener), soccer (played at college level, now just a fan and pickup player), progressive politics and policy, food and cooking, beer and wine, and coffee. I also tend to talk a lot about mental health, from both personal and societal standpoints.

LOOKING FOR: New and interesting people! People with similar interests. People with different interests. People who are works in progress. Mostly looking for people who talk about life; even though I love sci-fi and fantasy, I've never been heavily into fandoms or fanfic.

ANYTHING ELSE? I'm not the most consistent updater lately, mostly for mental health reasons, but I always post at least twice a week. I'm always going to post at least one update on life. And every Friday, I post an obscure classical piece I love, usually from an obscure composer.

ALSO KNOWN AS: [livejournal.com profile] dcjaywalk
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Jazz, violins and progressive politics. I'm sold, let's be friends? :)
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I just added you.
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Hey there, Andrew!

I would really like to read more about your life. You seem to have so many interests, and have a cool approach to them, so that's why :D...

My name is Rina, and I am 33 now... I live in Germany, and I think we do share a love for music in general :)... I also work on my own music when I can. I do talk about mental health sometimes, too (diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia). I don't know what else to say... But I think my bio says a bit more about me, and if you DON'T want to add me, I will not be angry, either :).

Have a nice day!

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*waves back* Ahoy there! It sounds like we would have Things to talk about :) Check out my journal.
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Hi there! I'd love to add you :)
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Former neuroscientist, currently wanting to help mentally ill people, old-school geek, liberal politics???

You sound like my type of person. :D
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ahhhhhh I used to live in Midtown Sacramento when I did AmeriCorps for a year!!!

We should be friends. I'm Ryan in New Mexico :) I added you if you want to reciprocate.

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I was in Sac from 2012-2013. No, that name does not sound familiar to me. I worked in the North C street area, shifting between the nonprofits which serve folks experiencing homelessness doing a variety of things.
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No worries. :)
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You sound utterly fascinating and I would love to get to know you, may I add?
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I'm interested!
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very interested in an interesting person who has interests

that are not fanfic haha

anyway - i'm curious to read your stuff. wanna see my photos?
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right now it's a combo of poetry/photos, but who knows man. i think most of my life/personality comes out in the comments.
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Hi there. :) I know this entry is a bit old now, but are you still looking for some new Dreamwidth friends? You sound interesting and I think we might get along.

I'm a nurse in NZ. I'm slightly older than you, but we do have a few things in common. I'm a violinist, also not especially into fandoms or fan fic, and I live with anxiety, depression and PTSD too.

I write about my family, work, walks I go on (with photos of beautiful scenery), what I've been up to, things on my mind... just day to day stuff. BTW don't be put off by only 15 entries since my account was made in 2015 - I made it then but I never used it until early last month. I actually post a fair bit! I was on LJ a long time, but I left after the new ToS came in.

Let me know if you're interested and I'll add you.