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NAME: River
AGE: 30
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: classical music, writing, quilting, cats, cooking, martial arts, specifically karate and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu . I taught myself the oboe, but no longer play. I like Supernatural, but only on the fourth season. Late to the game. I like to read a variety of different types of books.

LOOKING FOR: Friends. Just other people trying to do life. Not really into fandom. Other writers. I don't really post my writing, but I do talk about my writing process and what I'm struggling with at the moment. I try to not post about politics. Sometimes it sneaks in there. Not a fan of this current administration.

ANYTHING ELSE?: I have schizoaffective disorder and suffer from anxiety. You will probably read about that. I have four cats and a husband and four cats.
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[personal profile] drplacebo 2017-06-03 10:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh, hey, another self-taught classical musician! I'm also mostly looking for other people trying to do life, and write a lot about mental health and classical music. My intro post in this community is here.
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I would like to add. I do fandom, but I write about it not a lot, and more about struggles with writing.
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I am a long-arm quilter and artist. Also late to the game with Supernatural and I think I'm on season 6 now. Totally hooked. Friends?

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Hi River, I'm Sam. I have paranoid sz... I love cats too. Used to have one but she died. Cas is the best ... well, I'll add you and see what happens eh?

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:) Isn't friendship grand?
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fellow martial artist here! i've been practising western martial arts for five years, for the past three i've been focusing on sabre.

my journal is just about my day to day life and things that are on my mind.

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Hey, I'm pretty much looking for the same thing. I used to write, kind of want to find myself again doing it, but the priority hasn't been there and I was hoping that finding other people doing something would help stoke my ability to start being creative again outside of the kitchen. Not so much looking for ideas either, I always was more of a style theorist kind of guy when it came to making fiction (except when it comes to humor, when I just try to make sure whoever's reading has a good time).

I have to also ask: do you get Firefly references and all, given your name and your knowledge of martial arts? Preemptive apologies if it's a sensitive topic, I just noted it and it was like Chekov's gun for me, ready to go.
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Ah ha! Well then without spoiling too much, let's just say that a character shares your name in that series and she is pretty much badass. Definitely worth the watch (or even that film "Serenity").

Glad to be aboard!

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Hi River, it's Sam (zombiekitten) Add me here plz. :-) TY.

[personal profile] swiftheartrabbit 2017-06-13 10:33 am (UTC)(link)
Hi River, it's Sam (zombiekitten) Add me here plz?
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[personal profile] metaladrian 2017-06-17 10:41 am (UTC)(link)
Hey there. Four cats? Cats are always great :D
I'm getting back into writing myself and will occasionally post about that. Otherwise most of my posts will be about life, shows that I'm watching at the moment, video games, or Kirby.
Hope that's alright, I would love to add you.
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I added ya! :)