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Anyone else in Maine/New England?

Hello! I'm Den. :)

I welcome anyone that would like to add me. I'm a liberal eclectic Pagan and an empath; I practice yoga, knit, crochet, bake, love photography, walking/hiking, and dogs. I work in the office of the largest funeral home of my state and a knitting shop 1 day a week. My posts are filled with all of the above. :)

Occasionally I may dip into fannish, which would be Shadowhunters, Hit the Floor, Marvel, Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Firefly always, Prison Break, Walking Dead, NASCAR, Who/Torchwood. I also love reading, history (mostly medieval - mid 18th Century).
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I'm a Vermonter, does that count a bit? Somewhat? Buehler?

I have to admit, I am fascinated by your mention of working at a funeral home; I have always heard stories from people who work in the funeral business and they tend to be incredibly entertaining about the business despite its morbidness. I don't know if they're the exception instead of the rule, but I have to say that alone sounds worth the add!

Dunno what I could offer in comparison, beyond photography and my need to experiment with foods though, but if you're still cool with it, I'd love to add you!
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Woo hoo!

I tend to make... everything! Well within limits, I guess? I'm a sucker for fusing cuisines, but otherwise I think I'm big on the sort of comfort food staples as well as whatever I can try making that I can't get over here; as a result, I ended up learning how to make dumplings from scratch (still have yet to consistently make the dough right though, doh), but I'll also try to find ways to mess with recipes I'm comfortable with. I'm a big, big, sucker for making a good fried rice or a rice congee, but I honestly just like making something that I know my partner will like!

One of my favorite things I baked was more of a prank than anything: at my office there was this can of cherry preserves that was left for anyone to get, and it was there for a few days, so I took it, baked it into a pound cake with a coffee cake-style crumble, and left it in the break room along with the open can and a letter that said, "since no one wanted me, I came back as a pound cake. So eat me." To this day, only a few people know who did this (because I bragged about it on Facebook and word got around), and if I didn't have to take a trip somewhere that weekend, I was going to do something similar with a pumpkin someone left there a few months back.

Glad to be aboard!
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I would love to be friends, and if it helps, Zesty_Pinto and I are friends, too! :D Two Pintos in a pod.

I'm not from New England, but I'm really interested in the area (I always ask Pinto questions about Vermont). You also sound super interesting in general (liberal pagan, empath, funeral home--even the knitting sounds interesting). I also love yoga, hiking, nature, and dogs.

Feel free to check my journal out first before committing, though. I am kind of weird and annoying. No hard feelings if you're not interested!
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I went hiking yesterday, about an hour away, at Fort Stevenson State Park. It was okay. It was a lot of sun all at once for me, but I'm sort of used to that. (I used to love to hike at the national park here, which is fricking amazing.) Anyway, it is basically a campground (Ft Stevenson) with trails around it, so it was not really wildernessy enough to satisfy me. :(
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Hi there! I'm in Boston, a pagan (sort-of-traditionalist wiccan), a crocheter, and have just added you. I write and occasionally babble about fanfic, and I read a lot, history included. And I would love to discuss with you this business of being an empath, because people tell me I am one, but I'm not convinced one way or the other.
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Took another look at your profile and I am here to second the fact of having many irritating food sensitivities--also with the cooking! I talk about food ALL THE TIME.
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Yes I think we will. :)
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Nowhere near Maine, but I spent part of the day reading about kundalini mantras and baking brownies. I'd be happy to add you. :)
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I usually do "power" vinyasa or Hatha, started trying out Ashtanga before we moved from Mexico City to a more rural area. That one I might pick up again with a teacher, right now I'm kind of rural and practicing alone which I never thought I'd do, I always practiced in a class before.
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I'm in California but would love to add you. I'm a practicing Pagan, artist, love to knit (wanting to learn to crochet), live in the mountains and love the peace and solitude of the area. I've actually always wanted to see Main as I'm a huge Stephen King fan! :)

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I love TWD! This morning I watched a documentary on King Henry the eighth and how he went from dashing to dour. Very interesting.

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I do. But I love the original better. When I can get on my sister's computer, I will post the link to the documentary.

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Do you have twitter? I am larksvomit2000 and I posted the documentary on twitter.

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Ok Den. You will like the doc.. very well made.

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Hey Den, it's me Sam (zombiekitten) Add me here plz?

[personal profile] swiftheartrabbit 2017-06-13 11:43 am (UTC)(link)
Not much. I just switched usernames. ^^
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If you couldn't guess, this is a journal about Tarot and, increasingly, occult-y things. It isn't my personal journal because I like to keep those two aspects of my life compartmentalized. Looking for more people to connect with on that kind of level and you seem cool, so adding!