raynedanser: (stock - autumn - farmhouse porch)
raynedanser ([personal profile] raynedanser) wrote in [community profile] addme2017-06-02 02:07 pm

Anyone else in Maine/New England?

Hello! I'm Den. :)

I welcome anyone that would like to add me. I'm a liberal eclectic Pagan and an empath; I practice yoga, knit, crochet, bake, love photography, walking/hiking, and dogs. I work in the office of the largest funeral home of my state and a knitting shop 1 day a week. My posts are filled with all of the above. :)

Occasionally I may dip into fannish, which would be Shadowhunters, Hit the Floor, Marvel, Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Firefly always, Prison Break, Walking Dead, NASCAR, Who/Torchwood. I also love reading, history (mostly medieval - mid 18th Century).

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