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Bookish, geeky type librarian

Hi, I'm silver_chipmunk. I'm a 55 year old librarian from New York City, divorced, mother of one. I like reading fantasy, science fiction, and mysteries.

I have written some fanfiction and posted it on AO3 and, but not recently. I am involved in Starsky and Hutch fandom for the most part.

I'm strongly liberal but don't frequently post about politics.

I'm not religious but I am a theist, I get most of my spirituality from the 12-step program I'm a member of, Al-anon, for friends and family of alcoholics.

I post every night without fail, so if you're looking for someone you can depend on to be on your reading page without fail, add me!
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I write every day, too. I have since 2003!
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Thanks, likewise!
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adding you!
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I'd like to be friends. I'm usually an every day poster, too, but I'm on vacation for the next 2 weeks with limited internet access (on a cruise actually and internet was $200 for 10 days. Nope.) So if you can excuse me for introducing myself and then running off, I'll be your friend :)
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Thanks :)

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It seems we have stuff in common.
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Hi, I try to post frequently, though I was out last week on a trip to pick up my mother's ashes from AZ. I post some depressing things from time to time, but I also post about my cats, my Lego, dressing in costumes, my vintage/antiquing habit, and vintage Pyrex collection. I'm kind of a hoarder, I guess. I also work in an academic library, and am considering going for my MLS, though...I don't know. Life.

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More active people = w00t! Added :P
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It sounds like we have some common interests. I post a lot of F&SF stuff. Feel free to drop by and see if my blog appeals to you.
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Re: Hello!

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Yay! I have added you back.
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Adding you. Don't post about politics either but we have the same leanings.
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We might have some things to talk about--same age, book-driven, same kinds of books. I'm a Midwestern now, but grew up on the East Coast. I travel a lot, so my posts sometimes reflect that.