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Geeky Gay Guy in his 40s

Hey everyone!  I just did the massive import shuffle from livejournal to dreamwidth, and so far so good.  I was a livejournal user all the way back to 2001, so it was a big move for me to just jump ship and come over here.

I'm looking for new friends on Dreamwidth.  Here's more about me:

Quick Bio:  I just turned 48, but feel and look younger I'm told.  I am a newly single Gay man who recently divorced a man I lived with for 11 years (3 of them we were married).  I'm still healing up from the divorce, but life is moving forward in a positive direction.  I live in Northfield, Minnesota with my dog, Junebug.  She's a terrier-shiba mix who will look like a puppy all her life, and even at 10 years old, there's no slowing her down.  I have owned my own business in some way, shape, or form since 1999.  For 10 years I was a massage therapist and loved the work.  Prior to that I worked in IT/Helpdesk contracts as a Macintosh support tech.  In 2009 I changed the focus of what I do to web design and consulting/coaching for solo business owners and other holistic practitioners.  I love what I do.  Sometimes I also take on a seasonal "day job" that's just fun and outside the box for extra money (need it because I'm no longer splitting expenses with a spouse).

My interests:  Science Fiction (I love going to local conventions), Singing, Karaoke, Tennis (I'm a fanatic!), Web Design, Workflow automation, Outdoor fun-stuff, being in nature, hiking, bicycling, permaculture, Energy Bodywork (I am a Reiki Master), herbalism (I've been antibiotic free since 1996), coffee shops, coffee, vegetarian cooking (I now eat fish, turkey, chicken occasionally but no red meat).

Politics:  I'm seriously all over the map with this, and I don't spew my beliefs right and left like most folks in this polarized paradigm we live in.  I'm a left-leaning libertarian mostly.  I support the 2nd amendment and enjoy pistol target shooting, but in almost all other areas I'm classified as a Liberal.  I'm all for a single-payer health system, and equal rights for all.

Religion:  I'm not a fundamentalist, but I identify as Christian.  I'm most interested in the Celtic approaches to Christianity and the melding of practices with the Druids and their love of nature.  I actually have ancestry going back to the Malcolm clan of Scotland in the 1700s when the clans still ruled.  Clan Malcolm folks believe they are descendants of Columcille, or Saint Columba - friend to the Druids, who brought Christianity to the Isle of Iona in the sixth century.  He's popularized for the saying, "Christ is my Druid." and I kindof like that.  However, my best friend is an athiest through and through, and we get along awesomely.  I have many pagan friends too.  My own views don't require me to convert anyone.  I just get to know people, love people, and that's all there is.

Lately I've been journaling a lot about my divorce.  It's been rough and I've been through hell, but I'm also moving in a positive direction, so those posts are starting to wane.  I write big long reflective pieces when I write, so to read my journal is to know my thoughts fairly well.

Add me if you like what you see. 


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HI, you look interesting, so I added you!
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I'm a geeky straight girl in my 40s - adding you!
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I also enjoy sci-fi cons, though to be fair, I've only been to the local one, "Balticon." Ha. I'd like to make it to Dragon Con one day, though. I also go to the DC Lego convention (Brickfair), and the renaissance fair, and I enjoy dressing in costume.

I'm an atheist, but I feel like as long as nobody is pushing beliefs on each other, we can all get along.

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I love finding people who work for themselves! Also, tennis? Yes, please! Adding you :)
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Hi, fellow transitioner looking for more of an excuse to keep being active with blogging. Appreciate looking for new people and you kind of remind me of another longtime buddy of mine, so consider yourself added!
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[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith 2017-05-16 08:23 pm (UTC)(link)
It sounds like we have a lot of common interests. I post plenty of speculative stuff, and have a significantly QUILTBAG audience. I invite you to visit my blog and see if you like it.
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Over a week late, because I've been trying to catch up on my online life after a long hiatus of being sick, but hi!

I'm a youngin', but I'm a pan pre-op trans guy in my mid 20s who wouldn't mind meeting some other cool queer folk. I also have a dog of my own, although she's a full-blooded Shiba Inu who's about 3.5 years old. Spoiled af, although I've only started letting her use one blanket per bed area lately, hahah.

As part of DW's roleplay community, I only really have posts for icons and similar things in my journal, but I've been wanting to actually make some private personal posts after making some friends, hahah. I have an intro/about me post in progress that I'm working on in between catching up on my email.
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Enjoyed reading your bio. You seem to know yourself rather well. Am adding you.