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NAME: Feladrone, or Sam

AGE: 24

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Reading science-fi/fantasy, writing fanfic, learning German. This year I'm doing the GYWO challenge.

LOOKING FOR: Almost anyone! I just like reading about peoples lives, lol. But I'm especially interested in fanfic writers!

ANYTHING ELSE?: A lot of my posts are about things I'm reading and things I'm writing, but I never post my *actual* writing. I also sometimes post long-ass whiny rants about my life, but anything in the rant category goes under and cut. You don't have to read it if you don't want to.

I've been on LJ for years, but I want to start moving over to DW. I figured I should get some friends so I have a reason to come here!
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Hello fellow GYWO-er! I love that challenge, it's helped so much with my productivity and the gains increase every year :D

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I am a fanfic writer who also enjoys reading sci-fi and fantasy. Adding you, if that's all right. :)
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Neopets. Friends? :P
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Hi! I also post mostly about SFF things I'm reading or my life, and I blog both in English and German! :P I'm reviving my blog rn so most of the entries are from 2013 or something, but it should pick up steadily! Wanna be pals?