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ABOUT ME:: I'm a thirty-something looking for an excuse to push myself to write more. I tend to use other platforms to take notes of current events, science work, and post inanities. I used to use LJ as a real platform to really hone and express my life in a way that I felt was more introspective and, in turn, also involved me reflecting my own interests off other people to see the aspects that people normally don't get to appreciate in real life. So I'm trying to bring this back into my life so I can find inspiration, maybe do some writing, and/or interact with people whom you can share other aspects of your life with without it feeling awkward.

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: I've been collecting hobbies of all sorts for the years, from MTG to photography (all sorts!) to aquascaping. These days I've been doing some part in a friend's RP podcast using the FATE core system (TBH, all I do is act like an idiot), gardening, reading up news/podcasts, food experiments, and DIYing things around the house. I'm hoping to get back into long exposure work as well once I feel comfortable enough to have the free time for that thing.

LOOKING FOR: Right now, I think as long as you're willing to post on a semi-regular basis, I'd appreciate it. Most of the people I knew haven't made use of their old journals, so I'm trying to meet whatever people are left just so I don't keep staring at five pages of RSS posts for Snopes. If you're into photography and actively shooting, then maybe you'll inspire me to make use of my gear for once or something. :P

ANYTHING ELSE?: I tend to archive dreams as well since I tend to use them for writing projects, usually the ones that try to follow some stream of thought or concept I didn't think about. My profile is also OLD (see icon for example), so chances are you will probably see remnants of 20 year old me as I try to clean up my twenty-something life as I repurpose this thing.
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I'm into photography. My very most recent post was about that, too. :D
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Im more of a generalist. My photo classes have taught me to take pictures of everything. Most recently I shot at the aquarium, but the light was shit, so we'll see what actually comes out next time I get to the darkroom.

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Digital cameras work well in the aquairum, an i've gotten some good shots with them, but even 3200 speed film was too slow to get a good shot there.

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A flash doesn't work through the acrylic anyway. It reflects so much.

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lol, yes I do film. I like it because it makes you think about what you're taking a picture of more.

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i take strange photos and am looking for fellow photo nerds to inspire me as well!
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You sound really interesting! I am hoping to get back into photography, so hopefully I'll be posting more and more photos :P

I post at least once a day. You can check out my current stuff. Added!
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Team ... wait for it ...

*ten hours later* Wait, what were we talking about? :P HAHHA

Welcome aboard! First post I read on your journal had me cracking up, so I'm looking forward to reading your entries.
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i think we'd get along well. added you -- feel free to reciprocate. happy weekend! -ryan in new mexico
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>>I'm a thirty-something looking for an excuse to push myself to write more.<<

Allow me to recommend [community profile] allbingo which posts monthly bingo fests on various themes, and [community profile] crowdfunding which hosts a creative jam on the third weekend of each month. Both are high-inspiration, low-pressure communities. I believe there are other communities that offer other types of inspiration too -- check the Dreamwidth communities list to see if you can find more.

>> If you're into photography and actively shooting, then maybe you'll inspire me to make use of my gear for once or something. <<

I've been posting snapshots of plants in my yard under the Photo tag.

It sounds like we have a lot in common. I invite you to drop by my blog and see what you think.
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A chance to get into an actual active community in this new virtual continent? I'll definitely look deeper in on these two, much appreciated! If I can settle into a groove while doing this "adult" thing, maybe I can even participate properly too!<<

Yep! Both are modestly active, often with a flurry of posts around certain times: end/beginning of month for [community profile] allbingo and third weekend for [community profile] crowdfunding.

>>I did a quick scan and noted bird shots. Are you primarily into birding? <<

Birds are usually links from someone else. We have plenty here, I feed them and watch them, but rarely try shooting them. Plants sit still unless there is wind.