May. 4th, 2017

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AGE: mid-20's

ABOUT ME: I am a recent graduate from college, majored in Literature studies. I'm going into my second year out of college and just beginning to work in a full-time job (as opposed to an internship). I write software and openly talk about philosophy and literature.

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: I read, write, and make software. I'm listening to a lot of podcasts lately but am looking at getting back into reading literature (rereading the things I sorta skimmed in undergraduate classes). I also play video games and am looking into getting back into Animal Crossing for Nintendo when it comes out for the Nintendo Switch.

The Mountain Goats anyone?

LOOKING FOR: Conversation. If you keep a regular journal, I'll read it and respect it as yours. I'll say supportive things when I feel like it. But if you keep a more philosophical journal, I may post critical thoughts.

ANYTHING ELSE?: Quakerism. Punk rock. Unix.
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ABOUT ME:: I'm a thirty-something looking for an excuse to push myself to write more. I tend to use other platforms to take notes of current events, science work, and post inanities. I used to use LJ as a real platform to really hone and express my life in a way that I felt was more introspective and, in turn, also involved me reflecting my own interests off other people to see the aspects that people normally don't get to appreciate in real life. So I'm trying to bring this back into my life so I can find inspiration, maybe do some writing, and/or interact with people whom you can share other aspects of your life with without it feeling awkward.

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: I've been collecting hobbies of all sorts for the years, from MTG to photography (all sorts!) to aquascaping. These days I've been doing some part in a friend's RP podcast using the FATE core system (TBH, all I do is act like an idiot), gardening, reading up news/podcasts, food experiments, and DIYing things around the house. I'm hoping to get back into long exposure work as well once I feel comfortable enough to have the free time for that thing.

LOOKING FOR: Right now, I think as long as you're willing to post on a semi-regular basis, I'd appreciate it. Most of the people I knew haven't made use of their old journals, so I'm trying to meet whatever people are left just so I don't keep staring at five pages of RSS posts for Snopes. If you're into photography and actively shooting, then maybe you'll inspire me to make use of my gear for once or something. :P

ANYTHING ELSE?: I tend to archive dreams as well since I tend to use them for writing projects, usually the ones that try to follow some stream of thought or concept I didn't think about. My profile is also OLD (see icon for example), so chances are you will probably see remnants of 20 year old me as I try to clean up my twenty-something life as I repurpose this thing.
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NAME: Amanda (aka Mandy, or whatever else you want to call me)
AGE: 29 (damn, I feel old)

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Lets see... Currently, my TV and computer are focused on the Stanley Cup playoffs, so there's that. I get out and walk 4.5 miles - at least - every day. I have a really good camera, but I don't really use it as much as I paid for it. I'm on this "on again, off again" relationship with WWE, which might be a good thing if I'm off again.

LOOKING FOR: I'm not looking for fancy. Just read through my interests. If you find that you have a lot of things in common, then let's talk. If not, you're probably in the wrong place. Sorry.
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AGE: late 30s INTERESTS & HOBBIES: I like reading mostly fiction. I love romance, but I will read classics and dystopian novels as well. I love TV mostly soaps. Right now I am watching Empire, The Flash, Riverdale. I like to write reviews of netflix shows and other stuff I binge. LOOKING FOR: What type of journals are you looking for? pretty much anything. I am not a huge sci fi fan though ANYTHING ELSE?: Anything else you want to mention? I make art mostly fanvids and icons
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NAME: um, K or Cae is fine
AGE: 31 in July

ABOUT ME: I've lived in Japan for five years (mainly Tokyo). I plan to live here permanently and become a citizen when I can, especially after the shit that's going down (ex-American here). I live with my boyfriend of two years, though that has been tumultuous to say the least. Partly because I was recently diagnosed with unchecked bipolar disorder. I don't write about that at all, but since it affects my moods it's good to note.

I remade a DW because I feel like sometimes ranting to Twitter to my three closest friends just feels like preaching to the choir, but I can't find the motivation to actually post. Maybe if I add other people, and make a community here I'll have a reason to post. So currently my journal is empty but I hope to fill it soon.

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Generally speaking, I focus on anything not based in real life (fantasy, sci-fi, horror). I watch a lot of TV, since it's basically the only English exposure I get anymore. I won't talk about the shows I watch on my journal since I do that on Twitter, but the stuff I write about there is currently iZombie, The Real O'Neals, Shadowhunters, Brooklyn 99, Lucifer, and whatever I'm forgetting. Even though I live in Japan I'm not interested in anime or vocaloid or otaku culture. I DO however pretty much exclusively play JRPGs. I also love animals and science and stupid memes (like Loss).

I also reaaalllyyy love music (electronicore, metalcore, dubstep, drum and bass, progressive, industrial, groove metal...) but finding people with the same interests is like finding a unicorn.

LOOKING FOR: Anyone who writes about their real experiences. I know DW is a haven for RP and fanfic but I can't get into it, I'm sorry.

ANYTHING ELSE?: I'm very extremely liberal (I've been matched with the green party in the last four elections) but I'm also very anti-Liberalâ„¢, if you catch my drift. I follow a lot of moderates and conservatives to get a broad viewpoint. If you're one of those people who think opposing views are the enemy, we probably won't get along.

Oh I'm also learning Japanese sign language (JSL) but I couldn't use ASL to save my life.

ALSO KNOWN AS: I've had a lot of journals over the years. I'm pretty sure I first made an LJ in 2001. I have a Tumblr and Instagram I don't post to, and a Twitter that is private so I'm not really big on putting my whole life out there.

If you want to know what life in Japan is like )


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