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LF new friends

AGE: mid-20's

ABOUT ME: I am a recent graduate from college, majored in Literature studies. I'm going into my second year out of college and just beginning to work in a full-time job (as opposed to an internship). I write software and openly talk about philosophy and literature.

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: I read, write, and make software. I'm listening to a lot of podcasts lately but am looking at getting back into reading literature (rereading the things I sorta skimmed in undergraduate classes). I also play video games and am looking into getting back into Animal Crossing for Nintendo when it comes out for the Nintendo Switch.

The Mountain Goats anyone?

LOOKING FOR: Conversation. If you keep a regular journal, I'll read it and respect it as yours. I'll say supportive things when I feel like it. But if you keep a more philosophical journal, I may post critical thoughts.

ANYTHING ELSE?: Quakerism. Punk rock. Unix.
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quakerism. punk rock. unix.

sounds good to me. i'm not very computer literate,though,but i have friends and relatives who are. which is silly to say. i'm interested in religion and social sciences and a lot of philosophical stuff though i'm not always as articulate about expressing myself as i'd like or i used to be. i'm chalking it up to age and my funky/funked brain. i love learning new things. i hoping that that love will keep my brain going to battle the depression and anxiety which does not do good things to it. i also love to read,and have been a bookworm all my life,but i sometimes have focus problems these days,so i read widely on the internet and not as often deeply in a book.

i have no idea if my journal will interest you. i am trying to write more and improve said writing as well as not being too cranky. anyway,i invite you to check out my profile and journal if you would like.
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please do! and i will add you back!
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I actually just saved up to get my fiancee a Switch and started up City Folk recently. That damn raccoon is secretly Boss Tweed, I swear.

Not too familiar with Mountain Goats, outside of how they are god damned famous and feature one of my favorite people behind the drums, Mr. Wurster himself.

If it's cool, wouldn't mind having you in my flist?
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I had to look up Documentary Now, but seeing that Fred Armisen as one of the people behind it, methinks I have a new thing to look into! Thanks a bunch!
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i teach english to 9th graders; i don't get a lot of time to read literature because of that, but i definitely love it.


and AC!! <3 <3

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i think we'd get along well -- added you, feel free to reciprocate. -ryan in new mexico