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NAME: um, K or Cae is fine
AGE: 31 in July

ABOUT ME: I've lived in Japan for five years (mainly Tokyo). I plan to live here permanently and become a citizen when I can, especially after the shit that's going down (ex-American here). I live with my boyfriend of two years, though that has been tumultuous to say the least. Partly because I was recently diagnosed with unchecked bipolar disorder. I don't write about that at all, but since it affects my moods it's good to note.

I remade a DW because I feel like sometimes ranting to Twitter to my three closest friends just feels like preaching to the choir, but I can't find the motivation to actually post. Maybe if I add other people, and make a community here I'll have a reason to post. So currently my journal is empty but I hope to fill it soon.

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Generally speaking, I focus on anything not based in real life (fantasy, sci-fi, horror). I watch a lot of TV, since it's basically the only English exposure I get anymore. I won't talk about the shows I watch on my journal since I do that on Twitter, but the stuff I write about there is currently iZombie, The Real O'Neals, Shadowhunters, Brooklyn 99, Lucifer, and whatever I'm forgetting. Even though I live in Japan I'm not interested in anime or vocaloid or otaku culture. I DO however pretty much exclusively play JRPGs. I also love animals and science and stupid memes (like Loss).

I also reaaalllyyy love music (electronicore, metalcore, dubstep, drum and bass, progressive, industrial, groove metal...) but finding people with the same interests is like finding a unicorn.

LOOKING FOR: Anyone who writes about their real experiences. I know DW is a haven for RP and fanfic but I can't get into it, I'm sorry.

ANYTHING ELSE?: I'm very extremely liberal (I've been matched with the green party in the last four elections) but I'm also very anti-Liberal™, if you catch my drift. I follow a lot of moderates and conservatives to get a broad viewpoint. If you're one of those people who think opposing views are the enemy, we probably won't get along.

Oh I'm also learning Japanese sign language (JSL) but I couldn't use ASL to save my life.

ALSO KNOWN AS: I've had a lot of journals over the years. I'm pretty sure I first made an LJ in 2001. I have a Tumblr and Instagram I don't post to, and a Twitter that is private so I'm not really big on putting my whole life out there.

I'm pretty sure this man is a politician.
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Slight older and lived in Korea and Japan for a few years.
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Japan life, JRPGS, Animals and Science and Stupid memes-- It's like you've said the secret words over and over!

I am a liberal but I don't post about it much-- due to anxiety issues, I don't post much to facebook anymore and this is pretty much my center of calmnesss, so you won't get hide or hair from me-- it's all RPGs and unicorns over here!

Do you want to be friends?
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If you have Steam or a PS Vita, I definitely recommend Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

If you have a PS3, I've been currently grooving out on another entry in the Legend of Heroes series; Trails of Cold Steel

Definitely a whole lotta fun right there!
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Japan sounds fascinating! I took a Japanese history course and fell in love with their culture, so I am quite excited to read about your adventures there (if you'll have me).

While I do not talk about politics on my journal, I'm liberal (and I totally get the anti-liberal as well... especially these days).

I love techno/trance music and dubstep is a close third :P I've added!
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Here's to being anti-Liberal. I'm about as far on the left-libertarian side of things as a person can be, which has given me decades of despairing over the US. At least, I have had the emotional practice for the present tRumpocalypse.

I sometimes post political things in my DW, but mostly I just yammer about my life and Japanese TV shows I've watched or the actors in them. After all, I have to have someplace where I'm not despairing.

Are you able to get treatment for bi-polar in Japan? From friends in Japan, I've gathered that getting appropriate mental health care can be arduous.
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i think we'd get along. i write about my real life. i added you, feel free to reciprocate. -ryan in new mexico
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...but type II

I write about real life unlocked (check my sticky for filters).

That photograph is enrapturing. I want to subscribe to that newsletter!

Adding you...
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Animals and science and JRPGs! :D :D I've been meaning to expand my musical tastes too and I'd love to learn from you.

I post pretty much about real life and not politics. Add for add?
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Just migrated over here from LiveJournal. You sound very interesting so I'm adding you to my circle. Feel free to add me if you like! -Scott
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Yay Japan! I lived in Japan for three years with my wife [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd, and I'm still keeping up on the language. We just went back for a visit last summer with some friends.  photo la.gif Adding you!

Even though I live in Japan I'm not interested in anime or vocaloid or otaku culture

I found that I ended up that way after living there for a while. I used to watch a ton of anime, and while I still watch some for the practice, nowadays I'm more interested in Japanese food, kagura performances, or hanami.
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I'd love to add you, I feel super late responding to this but!! I love a lot of the same tv as you and I have a deep love of japan and its language (I studied it for about 6 years and did about 3 years of self teaching before that, but I have since lost a lot of it :() I've even been once, and it was incredible. While I used to really like anime and otaku culture it's really not my thing anymore, but my love for the country & it's culture remains!

I also plan to use my journal to talk about my daily life and keep fandom to tumblr or twitter, so I think we'd get along on that front too.