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NAME: Laura
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: programming, gardening, singing, writing

I've been involved in writing fan fiction for a long time. Edited a few 'zines. Have several stories at the Distasis Fiction archive. My preference is for fan fiction that's written for all ages and is true to the original. Crossovers are my favorite type of fan fiction.

I'm a C/C++ programmer and an Open Source advocate. I originally started with a LiveJournal account to post fan fiction, but ended up posting more about Open Source software. I'm interested in lightweight, portable, Open Source programs and libraries written mainly in C or C++. I'm always looking for new and useful Open Source software.

I'm also interested in Creative Commons and public domain materials and where to find them. I've tracked down public domain versions of songs, written my own simple arrangements and used Open Source software to convert them to music I can play when I'm singing.

Would love to discuss Open Source software and programming with others. Interested in reading more about programming and Open Source topics especially if they're related to C programming, algorithms or lightweight, portable applications.

Also interested in topics about public domain resources such as sheet music, books, fan fiction, etc.

I still enjoy reading/editing/writing fan fiction as long as it's suitable for all ages. Would like to find new stories to read.
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AGE: 33
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Reading, writing, roadtrips, traveling (only 12 more states in the US to visit and I've seen all 50), horror movies, crafts, vegging out, occult, sewing, knitting, and comic books.
LOOKING FOR: Open minded people that aren't judge mental.
ANYTHING ELSE?: Owner to two cats and a son. Own over 1000 books, have 15 poetry journals, and am a vegetarian (9 years) eco friendly girl. Works as a phone sex operator during the mornings.
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Apr. 21st, 2017 01:59 pm
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I've actually been around DW for a while, but I'm always happy to have new friends with this influx!

NAME: Conuly. It's weird when people use my real name online.

AGE: 34. I'm now at the point where I have to do math to figure out my age. I used to think that was so silly when I was a kid, but boy, it hit me fast!

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: I love to read. I have two cats, and two dogs, and two nieces! And we all live together with my sister and my mother in the same house. (Only one house, sister, and mother.)

LOOKING FOR: People to comment on my entries! And, hopefully, an active set of people, a community where I can feel comfortable commenting on their entries - as LJ (and DW) became less active, it became harder for me to bridge the anxiety/inertia enough to be the first commenter on an entry. But if other people are commenting, I can manage it.

ANYTHING ELSE?: I post seven times a week (or a little more), and if I haven't posted every day then I carefully backdate to make it look like I did. I do a lot of posting of links, particularly news and (sigh) politics.

I also tend to get onto kicks. I'll post a lot about autism for a while and then stop, or about a particular fandom and then stop, or about linguistics and then stop. Right now I seem to be on a bit of a Supergirl kick (this, despite me liking iZombie more!), and also have inexplicably become interested in American prisons as they intersect (or, you know, don't) with social justice. I'm not sure how I got interested in that, I have no connection to it, but it's rare that I post articles and don't include at least one picked up from The Marshall Project.


Apr. 21st, 2017 09:59 pm
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NAME: irish dragon
AGE: 40
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Reading Fandom, Biking, Nature Photography, Blogging, Tarot, Massage, Meditation, Reading, Traveling
LOOKING FOR: Similar interests, open communication, open minds, interesting people.
ANYTHING ELSE?: I am a healer that currently works in massage and Reiki. Though I have done some Mediumship in the past. I would really like to become a bit more proficient in the career. I cross post a great deal from my word press blogs. I have a cat named Mischief. I am an Army Brat. I am a Pagan. I vote. I am currently eating a metaphysical bowl of popcorn, enjoying the show that is American Politics now.


Wandering Healer: This is my primary blog. Someplace I try to post more reflection kinda posts.
Musing of An Aquarian Fire Dragon: This one is my Soap Box.
Sain Healing: This one is my business website.
Photography by Krisso: This is my instagram. Here you are going to see a lot of pictures from around my life. My cat, my roommate's cat, my home, family, nature, etc.


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