Feb. 1st, 2017

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NAME: Mummimamma - or Klara if you prefer.

AGE: 41 17/24 - so the meaning of life, universe and everything will be revealed to me.

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: I'm a (not so very) aspiring linguist, currently on sabbatical, trying to write whatever one writes on sabbatical. I read books, if they have spaceships, dragons or murders I'm happy. I have hopeless at attempts at dating. I travel to other countries and try to learn another languages, or just to try out their selection of cake. I also sing in a choir. This is more or less what I write about. I think. I'm not a very prolific writer though, although I'm occasionally trying to remedy that. I'm a lurker in a couple of fandoms as well.

LOOKING FOR: Interesting people? People like me? Or people not-like-me, but similar. I like people getting enthusiastic over little things, whether gardening or nanotechnology. I like people writing about everyday life and everyday stories. Although I have limited interest in other people's children and deities.

ANYTHING ELSE?: Oh, and I'm Norwegian. Whatever that might entail.


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