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~* Add Me! *~

My name is Ash [Ashley] & I'm 27 years young. I'm into hippies & love people who are open minded & care free & down to earth. Loves intelligent writers.

Hobbies: Love to make icons. Loves to do photography & draw & creating. I smoke cigarettes & drink coffee & read seldom. Big huge fan of people who make icons. Huge fan of creators, writers of mystery, writers of real life, every-day posting, huge fan of people who love art, who do photography, painters, book readers, intelligence; i am an open-minded girl who would like the same similar in interests!

Music: People who love rock & roll. I love hard rock music, like Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, Battling Delirium, Goblin Cock, reverse music & hard rock songs heard on the radio of classic rock, like Jimi Hendrix & ZZtop.

Preferences: It doesn't matter if you're male or female, I don't mind having a few males on my friends page! That'd be pretty awesome. Just comment to be added on my blog, or comment below so that I know you want to be friends! Thank you, & have a lovely week.
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You seem cool. Adding.
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Hey there. I'm Adrian, 28, I'm a writer myself (when I'm not stuck in writer's block hell), and my favourite genres are sci-fi & fantasy. I post pretty frequently about my life, anime, video games and Kirby.

I'd love to add you, feel free to add me back if I've piqued your interest. :)
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I've added ya!
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I used to have an LJ friend named Ashley, and I miss her! She loved hippies too! Will add you (with a promise not to project her onto you, ha), but no pressure to add me back--feel free to scope me out and decide for yourself.
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Oh, I already did?? I am so confused. Maybe I found you on something else once.