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The shortest way I can describe myself is a nerdy lesbian hippie. I'm 30 and live in Colorado with my adorable cats. I love crafting. Making things with my hands brings me so much joy. I crochet, make all of my own skin care products, and dabble in anything that looks like it's be fun to make myself. I spend a bunch of time outside birding and exploring nature around me. I've also been known to spend time waving signs at protests. Not necessarily because it's fun, but our current political climate is scary and change happens from the ground up. Other than than, I absorb podcasts and books pretty much like they're both air.

I'm looking for equally geeky people above 25.
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hi! i feel like we might get along - i love to craft, too. i like to crochet, and recently i've been teaching myself how to make clothes. i'm nearly 30, i work as a web developer and i like a lot of scifi media. my journal is mostly about my day to day life.
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Hi! Gotta ask; with a name like that, are you also a fan of aquaria? I miss birding; do you use a particular lens for it?

I can get the whole podcast thing; I listen to way too many. Any in particular that you are big on?

I was going to ask if you'd be okay with being added, but I feel like I have to ask those questions, ha
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That's cool! Back in the day, I was a big subscriber of aquascaping and kept loaches, myself (which is like being a gardener and keeping puppies, in my opinion since they love to uproot plants). I'd love to get back into it once we have the room for this hobby.

I can get the DSLR and zoom thing too; I used to try doing it with a 300/2.8 all the time. It was a great way to lose weight and bulk up your arms, but I think some of my best photos were with a plastic lens that was little better than a glass-filled plastic tube, ha!

I have not heard of any of those podcasts aside from HFTMT, so nice to hear from a different circle; everyone I know seems to be big on My Favorite Murder or The Best Show.

Ha ha, was going to ask you the same! I'll add you to my network if that's cool! :)
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Hi! You sound interesting, may I add you?
I'm also a massive reader, artist and DIYer, cat wrangler, and hippie type. Well, sort of hippie/Goth type. My DW is mainly day to day but I am trying to post more of my art and comics and such.
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I've added you :)
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It sounds like we have some common interests. In the warm season I'm posting a lot about gardening and wildlife.
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Hello! I feel like we'd get along? I'm a lesbian grad student and tho i'm probably more grungy than hippie, I'm also pretty into nature hikes/runs and so on. My journal's gonna be mostly daily-life stuff, and also thoughts on my reading/research.