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NAME: Emily

AGE: 29

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: books, music (country, folk, classic rock), genealogy, swimming, watching sports (baseball and hockey), law, history, nature based religions, and, my favorite subject, cats.

LOOKING FOR: someone 25 and older and open minded are the only requirements I have.

ANYTHING ELSE?: I'm a receptionist in a law office. It can be crazy at times, but I enjoy my job. I deal with anxiety and depression, so my entries will sometime reflect that. I've been divorced for 3 years and am happily single. I share an apartment with my younger brother and my two cats. Angelica is 15 and Ringo is 2.

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Hi Emily, I'm Sam. I am going to be 43 in July.. is that old enough? (lol) I love genealogy too. I find it interesting. What is your favorite hockey team? I love the Montreal Canadiens and the Pens (who lost -___-)
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Hey! I'm Cam. 39 and also happily single, lol.

I peeked at your profile; do you follow the Yard Goats at all? I'm a rabid Erie SeaWolves fan (AA-level baseball).
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I think I'm old enough to fulfill the criteria (despite how I might look like three kids in a trenchcoat with broom arms), and enjoy reading up on articles. I tend to get flashbacks of bad judgment calls in my life, so I can sympathize.

I usually like to remark on people's entries and try to find something to talk about, so if you want someone to ping-pong some activity with, feel free to add!
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Hello, there!

I think we share a few common interests, I'm 26, and I like to think that I'm reasonably open-minded. :P

I've been trying to get more active on DW; so far my (non-fanfic-exchange) entries have been basically slice-of-life and stuff-on-the-Internet-I-found-interesting.

What sort of books are you interested in? I tend to gravitate towards science fiction and fantasy, for the most part, but I also enjoy some non-fiction (I'm currently working on The Art of Language Invention by David J. Peterson; linguistics and conlanging are two things I've become interested in.)
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Quickly peeked at the profile - we share the same hockey interests. That I like. ^_^ Went to my fair share of games in 16-17. Not as many AHL games like I wanted to, but got to three Bruins games. So that made up for it.

I'm a few months from being 30, if you're looking for age.
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I'm 32, and I love cats and classic rock too! Add me back if you want!
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Hey there. You seem like a cool person, can't go wrong with cats =)
I'm 28 and most of my posts will be about my life, anime, writing, video games, and Kirby. If that's alright then feel free to add me back.