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 NAME: Christine but you can call me Chrissy

AGE: 33

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Reading, writing, walking around Manhattan, spending time with my friends, Broadway, volunteer work, comedy, poetry

MUSIC: Lots of oldies like Beatles and Four Seasons. 80's like Prince, George Michael, Culture Club.  90's with NKOTB and BSB.  Not much into the music today except for Ed Sheeran.

FANDOM: Impractical Jokers, (Especially Sal and Murr), Outlander, Harry Potter

LOOKING FOR: Any friends 

ANYTHING ELSE?: I always comment on entries of people who comment on my posts in return.
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Seriously, we will go into a mall and we will dare each other to do things that the guys do.

My favorite is Q! (though my boyfriend's favorite Joker is Sal, so I totally understand) Can we be friends?
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Hey, if you're interested I'd like to apply. I'm always looking for more to read on my feed and I try to interact (unless I know doing so would make me look unintentionally stupid).

I grew up from old 80's NYC and my parents still live around the tri-state, so I'm familiar with the territory, I mostly went on DW to try to encourage more interaction (because my LJ account's old friend feed at this point is a Snopes feed), so if you post, I'll read.

Re: music, did you ever check out all the chillwave stuff happening around there? Back when I still covered gigs, I thought there was a revivalism for some of that sound here and there between all the other stuff. Hell, Northside is coming soon so you might be able to find some bands that are trying to find that similar sound.
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I need a New York friend. Have trip planned in fall. Looking forward to seeing the apple. Maybe you could help guide me on my adventure? You and I are in sync musically, as well.