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Name: maplemood


Interests & Hobbies:
Reading (fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction, mysteries, memoirs, romance, middle grade and young adult fiction--pretty much anything that looks interesting); writing, journaling, complicated villains, antiheroes, folklore and urban legends (especially the creepy stuff); podcasts, comics, and movies. When it comes to fandoms I love the MCU (especially Guardians of the Galaxy and the Netflix shows), Pacific Rim, Outlander (the books and the show), Star Wars, DC comics, and a whole bunch of others. I also read and write fanfic (mostly Marvel at the moment, though I'm hoping to expand into other fandoms). 

Looking For:
People who write or read fanfic, people who post about their fandoms, people who post semi-regularly, or, really, anyone who's interested in being friends! I'm a little shy, but I love meeting new people and seeing new posts on my reading page. :)
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I'm a huge Outlander fan (books and show), and love Guardians of the Galaxy. I'm not into fandom as such -- e.g. don't read or write fanfic, that sort of thing, but am always looking to discuss episodes and such. Don't really have any current friends who are into Outlander. I am a member of an Outlander community on LJ, but it's REALLY quiet -- lucky if a post there gets 1-2 replies.

I also love reading SF and historical fiction (and police procedurals). Most of my journal is access only, but if you're interested, I'll grant you access. If we don't click, no worries. Most of my recent posts are sadly about my crazy ex-landlady who is trying to sue us, so rather dull, but I do write about other things too!
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Cool! Added back!