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NAME: Hellen or Hauke. Either name is fine.
AGE: 29
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Sci-fi & fantasy, mostly books/short fiction/podcasts, but some TV too; archaeology and history; plants, insects, science/the world in general; art - I do drawing and some painting, as much as I have energy for in between work and sleep and brain problems; crafts - knitting, embroidery, sewing; writing - focused on poetry mostly atm, although I don't post much about it; activism - I'm getting involved in pacifist and police watching activism; singing; learning languages; religion - my newest special interest - I'm exploring and reading what catches my interest. Fiction wise I'm rly into robots, science fantasy, weird slightly surreal oversaturated stuff, gay stuff.
LOOKING FOR: Anything, really! People who write about their lives, about fandom, about their thoughts. I want to get to know people and have fun.
ALSO KNOWN AS: [ profile] dirtfandombnf
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I love fantasy, books, podcasts, and knitting! Plus I post a lot about fandoms (mostly MCU at the moment, though I have a ton more). Add?
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Sounds like we have several interests in common. Would you like to add each other?

Thanks and best wishes. : )
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I think I might apply to Anything if you're interested! Also, I checked your Twitter out of curiosity: are you freaking serious? The UK police are going full-on NYC style? (I used to be a New Yorker, and guys in riot gear and enlisted reservists in full attire and loadout were common in the larger terminals).
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Ewwww, you mean it's way worse than that?!

Ugh. Just ugh. What next, soldiers asking people for their papers? Sigh.
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a Reader, eh? not many of us out there, i'm afraid. (i saw your posts regarding goodreads - i love that site)
i don't post much about my life directly, but if you want an arty photo friend, i'm your gal!
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I also like books and learning languages! I studied German in school but I've forgotten a lot of it...

I'm new to dw but I plan to write about my thoughts and my life. Friends?