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NAME: ziggy.
AGE: 26.
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Comics, particularly Transformers comics. My main fandom interest is Transformers, but I have a few others. I like to write and binge shows on Netflix or Hulu.
LOOKING FOR: Anyone I can connect here! I'm trying to build a community here. So while I am all about Transformers and other robots and am a great big ol' nerd, I for the most part will post about my daily life. :)
ANYTHING ELSE?: Not really! I have a more extensive blabla about myself over here:
ALSO KNOWN AS: I don't use any other journaling sites currently, but I have an LJ by this same username, and an older LJ known as iron_valkyrie. Anywhere else on the web I'm typically found as iron_valkyrie / valkyrie_fe / or prowlish. :)
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Cool - wanna be friends?

My favorite 80s Transformer was Soundwave. So sad I never got to own him.
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I saw him once at a flea market but they wanted more than $100 for him, so I waved and said, "Sorry, Soundwave, another time!" :p
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You seem neat, wanna be pals? I'm not into transformers, but I do love robots.

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OMG. I love David Bowie! :-) I am Sam btw. I loved Transformers. I had one that I fiddled with a lot. LOL But I have fallen out of the loop. :o Do you like the Big Bang Theory? I love Sheldon. So nerdy and cute!!! :-D


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I love tall thin nerds. I'm short and a bit chubby so it balances it out. (I think)

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Sheldon is such a cutie. <3