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NAME: Danielle or Dani
AGE: 33.
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Icon making, fic writing, marvel, doctor who, lotr, reading fanfic, reading, cats, scify and fantasy, cooking...
LOOKING FOR: What type of journals are you looking for?: Friendly people to be friends with and geek out with about various things. I'm recently back from a long hiatus to Tumblr which has turned terribly hostile lately and I'm looking for a friendly place for my new fandom home.
ANYTHING ELSE?: Anything else you want to mention?: I'm married and I have anxiety disorder and I babble a lot.
ALSO KNOWN AS: dani_meows on ij and lj, marvelouswhovianfairytales on tumblr, and danimeows on ao3 and fanfiction.net.

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