Jul. 30th, 2017

Hello All!

Jul. 30th, 2017 01:23 pm
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NAME: Sara
AGE: 27
COUNTRY: Pennsylvania, USA
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: I love to read, go swimming (it's summer right now), eat ice cream and s'mores, take pictures, oh and watch tv!
LOOKING FOR: Some new friends!
FANDOMS: My main fandom right now is the Marvel Universe and Riverdale (Bughead). I also still love Harry Potter and love to read good Marauders fic although it is hard to find. I used to be very into Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries but as they've ended the fandom around them has quieted. Oh and Doctor Who. I haven't watched it since Eleven, but Ten/Rose will forever make me cry.
FAVE MOVIES: Pride & Prejudice, The Avengers, Kick-Ass, Push
FAVE TV SHOWS: Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23, Arrow, The Good Place, Parks & Rec, Stranger Things, Agent Carter (GONE TOO SOON), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Teen Wolf
FAVE BOOKS: The Circle, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games
OTHER THINGS TO KNOW: I love to travel (but have only been outside of the US twice). I love macarons and could live off of desserts & chocolate if needed. I've been sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore then into Gryffindor when I had to re-create my Pottermore account. I definitely think I have a good mix of both of the houses (I'm very resourceful, but if I can't find a light for a dark tunnel, you can bet I'm the first one going through). I love to write fic and make icons/wallpapers for my fandoms and I'm looking forward to doing these things again.
ALSO KNOWN AS: [livejournal.com profile] brite_city but everything there is locked & [tumblr.com profile] goddessoftomorrows
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NAME: Danielle or Dani
AGE: 33.
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Icon making, fic writing, marvel, doctor who, lotr, reading fanfic, reading, cats, scify and fantasy, cooking...
LOOKING FOR: What type of journals are you looking for?: Friendly people to be friends with and geek out with about various things. I'm recently back from a long hiatus to Tumblr which has turned terribly hostile lately and I'm looking for a friendly place for my new fandom home.
ANYTHING ELSE?: Anything else you want to mention?: I'm married and I have anxiety disorder and I babble a lot.
ALSO KNOWN AS: dani_meows on ij and lj, marvelouswhovianfairytales on tumblr, and danimeows on ao3 and fanfiction.net.


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