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Name: maplemood


Interests & Hobbies:
Reading (fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction, mysteries, memoirs, romance, middle grade and young adult fiction--pretty much anything that looks interesting); writing, journaling, complicated villains, antiheroes, folklore and urban legends (especially the creepy stuff); podcasts, comics, and movies. When it comes to fandoms I love the MCU (especially Guardians of the Galaxy and the Netflix shows), Pacific Rim, Outlander (the books and the show), Star Wars, DC comics, and a whole bunch of others. I also read and write fanfic (mostly Marvel at the moment, though I'm hoping to expand into other fandoms). 

Looking For:
People who write or read fanfic, people who post about their fandoms, people who post semi-regularly, or, really, anyone who's interested in being friends! I'm a little shy, but I love meeting new people and seeing new posts on my reading page. :)
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i'd love more bookish friends! i'm big on sf&f (leaning more fantasy) and young adult. and also creepy stuff! :)