May. 3rd, 2017

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Hello, I am Dooriya
Interested in: Photography, writing, birds, you
Would like to meet: Interesting strangers
Additional: Was on LJ for a long, long time. Befriended and was inspired by hundreds of people there, met dozens in real life. dried up in the tide of social media and re-blogging and other nonsense. But now I see the community behind real connections, art, effort, and interaction is growing again here. That's incredibly exciting.
Add me if: you like weird photos, and/or abstract poetry.

Here's me from back then; haven't changed much:
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 Name: Sheepie / Marcy
Age: 35
Location: Connecticut
Gender: Female


- hanging w/friends and family (I’m very close to my family/friends. We hang out at least once a week),
- writing (I write original fiction and some poetry—tag on journal is ‘my writing’), 
- reading (YA fantasy/paranormal/supernatural, paranormal, fantasy, supernatural, historical fiction—my goodreads),
- biking (mostly on weekends when weather permits),
- arts & crafts (scrapbooks, handmade cards, pottery, picture collages),
- painting (I suck at it, but I like to do those ‘paint nights’ with friends),
- photography (I love taking photos of everything),
- television (fave shows right now: Taboo, Into the Badlands, Shadowhunters, Walking Dead, iZombie, Lucifer, Marvel Agents –profile for more),

- movies (all types of movies… comedy/action/period dramas are top choice),
- video games (obsessed with world of warcraft right now, but also play BF1, Battlerite, Overwatch, COD, SIMS),
- travel (I do not do as much of this as I would like, but trying to ‘up’ the trips I take—I love to hear about other people’s travel).
- I am a huge introvert so I love ‘introvert-like’ activities/interests.

I mostly post about: daily stuff (work, family, frustrations, etc), life, how I am handling (or not handling) the loss of my father, my writing (fiction/poetry/daily prompt drivel) photos if I took any that day/went somewhere, rants/ravings, occasional book reviews (if I really loved something I read), the once-in-a-while show ‘squee-ing’, occasional video game screenshots.

rarely never post about: politics. I rarely post memes, though once in a blue moon I’ll do one of those 30-day-meme things.

How often do you post?: Once a day (90% of the month). Sometimes 2-3 times a day if I feel ramble-y.  

How about commenting?: I do like interacting with my friends list, but I do not comment on every post. Sometimes I really just do not have anything intelligent enough say that will add to what you wrote (I suffer from brain-fart-syndrome sometimes).

Looking for?: People who DO write often (3-5x a week). I find that being on DW/LJ is kind of like a weight loss journey … having a community to share back and forth keeps me going with the writing. If there’s just silence on the other end (reading wise), I tend to get bored and fall off the map myself. I like to read people from all types of backgrounds so feel free to add me! You don’t have to comment here if you don’t feel like it, since I’m notified when folks add.

Some entries are locked, but there are a couple public ones. My profile is also pretty up to date (with a photo).

Also Known As: I was on dreamwidth from 2010-2013 as Sheepie (and other sheepie-like names). Hence my username. I love rain and I have a huge collection of stuffed sheep lol, soooo sheeploverain emerged. :P On LJ I was a version of sheepie in my far past (think 2000 – 2010). More recently, I was m_pav on there. 


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