Apr. 24th, 2017

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//NAME: rhienna


i like a lot of things, but getting things to completion is another story. i'm working on an illustrated tarot deck, maybe two books, a bunch of articles (that, let's be real, will probably end up being tinyletters, dreamwidth posts, or drunken arguments on my back porch), doodles for ideas, next year's halloween costume, a curated photo blog, learning video software so i can either get into short films or motion design. i just took a handlettering class and loved it. i'm kind of a master of none. additional interests that are less about what i make and more about what i consume/like: musicals, music, bike riding, wine tasting, film, pop culture, being near bodies of water, being very very nostalgic (why else would i be here?), travel, volunteerism, and a bunch of other stuff i'm spacing on. i work in tech, so i spend a lot of time thinking about our electronic legacy (and terms like "digital nomads" or "digital natives").

people who post and read/comment, preference to folks close to my age who aren't basic and are feminists. i love travelers, professionals, queers, and creative folks, and occupy those spaces myself.

ten years of journal entries are imported via LJ here for my own personal record, but i am primarily looking to make new habits and continue writing. a clean slate. i have always loved making online friends: maintaining journals and penpals and personas defined me in the early online days and i guess i haven't completely outgrown it. these days i'm rusty and sometimes Too Busy to reliably post, but i believe that can/will change when i have a community (here) to return to.

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NAME: Dibs, Ella, whatever
AGE: 37
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: I make things; all the things (bookbinding, papercrafts, planners, spinning, knitting, dyeing, printmaking, painting, jewellery, resin, woodwork, baking, some stuff I've forgotten, if I haven't tried it I'll probably get around to it at some point...). Trying to get back into writing original fiction. Gardening, tea, reading, movies, myth & folklore & fairy tales, true-crime stuff (but I'm more interested in detectives than this 'let's talk to the killer!' thing), pokemon go, 80's music, music, free courses, idk blogging?
LOOKING FOR: my marbles. (seriously, though, just friendly peeps).
ANYTHING ELSE?: I have chronic pain issues and the mental health issues that come with; I try not to bitch about them too much, but it may happen, including med discussions and I know those are an issue for some people. Etsy just screwed me over royally, so my adventures in setting up elsewhere will probably be chronicled. Did I mention I make things?


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