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NAME: Ryan

AGE: 30

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: I am a recovered addict so I'm trying new things and relearning everything. learning to live life. Trying to be functional and stress free. So far I enjoy anything outside. Rock Climbing, swimming, 4wheeling. I play the guitar, piano, and played the trumpet in school. I love animals, I don't have a dog right now but I enjoy spending time with my sisters dogs when I am in town. I enjoy food.... a lot...

LOOKING FOR: I enjoy all people so if your can tolerate me I will enjoy you! So basically just looking for anyone open minded, supportive, and possibly people that have "been there".

ANYTHING ELSE?: This is my first online journal ever. My sister recommended it to me over and over again because she used livejournal when she was going through a hard time and said she met some of the best people. I finally am taking her recommendation and starting this so bare with me!
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 NAME: Lori Alden Holuta, aka CocoaJava

AGE: Old enough that I can grab Social Security and bug out whenever my job pushes me to the limit. It's a good feeling.

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Writing, first and foremost. I'm an indie author with five books out in the wild and more on the way. Also love experimental cooking, avant garde crochet, wild gardening, steampunk, cats, and tap dancing when no one is looking.

LOOKING FOR: A reason to journal again. I've tunneled into Facebook BECAUSE that is where other authors are, and I love being connected to them. I would be very happy to meet other authors, especially indie writers of young adult fiction. Come, let us wail together.

ANYTHING ELSE?: I ramble, I am sporadic, I will probably forget to post here often. I'm scattered. But I try to keep it intertaining when I do show up.

ALSO KNOWN AS: Just me, CocoaJava in many places!
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NAME: Dwight Williams AKA "DEWLine"
AGE: Irrelevant, beyond the fact that I'm of legal voting age.
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: comic books, space opera, politics, space exploration, Canadian arts and culture, cartography, graphic design...it's a long list.
LOOKING FOR: See "Interests and Hobbies".
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 i've been here for awhile
but i've left Live Journal
because i will not sign something 
in a language i can not read

because i do not trust a site 
run in a country
that invaded my country's election process

i miss my friends over there!
i miss the discussions on the site
of the old Irish Christian Brother
i enjoy talking belief

i miss the liberal politics
of my friend Jon
he kept me up to date

i miss the historical postings
of my Canadian friend
who loves US presidents

i miss the "Curious Questions"
posted each day 
simple questions
What is your favorite ________ ?
What is in your ________ ?
What are you wearing now?
it was a surprise to find
others with similar tastes 

Who Am I?

a mature woman - 
i live on a rural island in the USA
i have a husband and son and 3 cats
i am a hermit
 i am active in a couple of  organizations
but i keep to myself

i am an artist and writer
but mainly for myself
i have strong opinions
i've done a lot of things in my life

i don't do fan-fic
don't do much tv or movies
but i love to read

i don't write about my family
they deserve their privacy
my site is a place
to say what's on my mind

and yes, i write in this "peculiar" style

What Am I Looking For?

people with ideas
people who love to talk about ideas
people who are curious
people who have a different approach to life
people who will share their thoughts

as a hermit on a rural island
i use my on line friends
as a window to a wider world

if you have a "different" life
"different" ideas
and want to share and talk
i'm looking for you

i'll look at your site
you can look at mine
if we seem to click
hey! that's good!

but i reserve the right to be selective

somebody is out there


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