Apr. 18th, 2017

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NAME: Tom, Tommy, Thomas, Tommx, but never ever Thom

AGE: 49
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: This could take a while.
My interests are over there on my profile, but an abridged version: I usually refer to myself as a professional geek. My fandoms currently include Doctor Who, The Expanse, pretty much all Marvel, and Game of Thrones. I work as a software developer and actually enjoy what I do. Pretty much my entire life, I've been a tinkerer of one form or another. I also am an amateur actor and singer. I mostly do community theater, although I have occasionally been paid to act. Not much, but enough that I was one time able to use the proceeds from a show to buy a new phone. Another area of interest for me is Burning Man. Although I haven't actually been to the event itself (it's difficult because I live on the East Coast) I have been to a number of regional burns such as Playa Del Fuego and Wickerman. I try to live by the Ten Prinicples of Burning Man as much as I can. Other interests in no particular order: Riding motorcycles, running, camping, cooking, restaurants, live music, etc.

LOOKING FOR: I don't know that there's a specific "type" of journal I look for. I have only recently started using my Livejournal again, (though now I've moved it over here because I can no longer in good conscience support Livejournal) having realized that on Facebook, I've been starved for the sense of community and connection that I used to have on Livejournal. Facebook doesn't have that, at least not the same way. Anyway, people I tend to like are non-mainstream, queer, non-binary, creative, liberal, intellectual, geeky, insecure, pagan, atheist, humble, etc. People I tend to steer clear of are those who are super right wing, judgmental, bigoted, etc. If you think anyone is going to hell for being gay or having a religion that is different than yours (or having no religion at all as is the case with me), you probably wouldn't like me at all.
ANYTHING ELSE?: I say fuck a lot, I don't act my age, and I don't have a lot of filters. I have no inside voice, and I'm pretty open about everything. Truth or Dare used to be my favorite game in college because I never back down from a dare unless it involves harm to me or someone else.
ALSO KNOWN AS: I used the nick tommx or tommx67 pretty much throughout the internet. I have a professional blog that is almost as neglected as this blog used to be. I haven't updated it in forever.
[thomaslmcgrath.com profile] tommx Link your other journals if you'd like.

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Apr. 18th, 2017 05:24 pm
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NAME: angelique

AGE: 36 years young

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: music, movies, reading, writing, poetry, photography, art, travel, nature.......and all the other things

LOOKING FOR: I'm trying to get back into this gimmick, because I haven't had a livejournal since '04! I am inspired and intrigued by reading other folks creative writing. I'm not particular at all.

ANYTHING ELSE?: personally, my journal will be all over the place. I vent quite a bit about relationships, but I make the really icky stuff private.

ALSO KNOWN AS: missangelique999 since 1999


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