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AGE: 25 (although for I moment I had it in my head that I was 26... orz;;)
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Film studies, academic theory, mythology, ancient history, queer history, writing, reading, cats, tokusatsu, dabbling in graphics making, movies, music, food, tea, a whole bunch o' stuff.
LOOKING FOR: I think I did [community profile] addme_fandom a couple of years ago and I met some cool people, but I realised that I'm not really up to date with a lot of popular fandom (I just don't watch much TV anymore, save for the odd Netflix series here and there, and I fell out of the MCU). I guess I'm looking for people with similar interests or who post about their creative processes or what's been happening in their day that was interesting, and so on, so forth, etc. I love to learn things and I love hearing people's opinions on things!
ANYTHING ELSE?: I'm from the UK, I'm queer, I have two cats whom I love and I study film at university. I want to be a lecturer one day, because I realised that my special skill is writing essays about film, and I get a lot of enjoyment out of research and learning, aha. I just recently got back onto Dreamwidth, not realising it coincided with a mass migration from LJ, so hey!
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NAME: Skye or Katheryne
AGE: 27
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: General interests are reading and writing, movies, TV, animation. I like knitting, and I'm trying to keep up with a bullet journal. Specifically (fandom-wise, at least), I like Steven Universe and Doctor Who, the MCU and Disney/Pixar films, and basically lots of YA fantasy and sci-fi (and also adult fantasy and sci-fi, but less of that). I write fan fiction (mostly for TRON and Doctor Who) and original fiction (mostly YA fantasy, though I'd love to write sci-fi despite feeling hugely unqualified for it).
LOOKING FOR: Looking for fellow writers (fanfic or original), fellow DW or SU fans, or just people who like to shoot the breeze about their lives. Common interests are a plus.
ANYTHING ELSE?: In re: Doctor Who - Full warning, I am a HUGE fan of Steven Moffat and his work on the show.

In re: myself - I am a college graduate (studied creative writing and film) living at home in the United States. I've been diagnosed with depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Sometimes my mental illnesses get the better of me and I post about them, but I'll try to keep it to a minimum. There isn't much on my journal right now (I was on LJ, but I didn't feel like importing my awful juvenilia), but I'm hoping to populate it with fic and entries here in the future.
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NAME: Nicky or Sidhe
AGE: 33, going on 34
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Writing, reading, SFF, YA, queer rights/theory/history, anime, Paganism, binge watching Netflix, animals, feminism, tea, symphonic and power metal, indie pop, board games, theatre, performance, history, dinosaurs, languages.
LOOKING FOR: I'm really just looking for some new people to chat to and hopefully make new friends. Common interests obviously help but I find I can get along with most people who share my values, even if we don't have too many shared fandoms or hobbies.
ANYTHING ELSE?: I'm Pagan, queer, a parent and I have a mental illness. I don't post that much about Paganism or my sexuality (though I'd like to so more often) and only occasionally rant about my mental illness. I usually post more about parenting, books, movies and TV, since those things take up the majority of my time.
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Name:  Tisha

Age:  47

Location:  Northern California Sierra Nevada mountains

Interests & Hobbies:  Practicing Pagan and Wiccan.  Bi poly switch and active in the kink and BDSM communities.  Love Harry Potter, anything horror genre related, Sherlock, Twilight, Twilight Zone, Twin Peaks, Firefly, anything Stephen King.

Anything Else:  I'm a Full time single mom with two teenagers (yea, never a dull moment here!).  I am a working artist mainly in fiber arts, but I also work in collage, acrylics, mixed media, clay, graphite and ink.  I post about all sorts of stuff in my journal including:  Relationships, kids, art, the small town I live in, family, spirituality, sex.

No longer comfortable posting directly on LJ, although I am cross-posting as I don't want to lose contact with the connections that I
 have made on Livejournal.  

Looking for some new friends over here!  :)

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AGE: 27

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Oh Lord, let's see. I have a lot of interests and almost none at all, if that makes sense. Right now I've somehow fallen into what my friends have called "k-pop hell" and that's been dominating my music for the past...three months? Other than that I love musicals and firmly believe that HAIR has changed my life. As for music in general I'll listen to just about anything, it just takes me time to get to it.

I am a very casual gamer and it takes me forever to actually finish a game, let alone complete very many. Actually, I have terrible luck when it comes to playing the Final Fantasy series but that's another story. Bioshock Infinite is my favorite game as of right now but I haven't really found anything else that I've wanted to play other than the Uncharted series. I also have a couple otome games on my phone but I'm only really able to concentrate on one of them at this moment.

Fandom-wise I bounce all over the place, I have a very core few that I'll always come back to but other than that I'll dabble here and there. Gravity Falls is one of my absolute favorite shows that have come out in the past 10 years but I will watch just about anything. Some other fandoms I poke my nose in include Community, LOST and Harry Potter.

I really enjoy reading, I've just gotten so bad about actually doing it, it takes me a while to finish a book. I tend to stick to YA books or comic books but I haven't really found a comic series that I really want to keep up with other than Zodiac Starforce. But I absolutely would always love book recs.

I'm also working on figuring out how to bullet journal cohesively and consistently. So far I'm doing great but once the summer comes we'll see how it goes but the goal is to at least keep a tracker going.

I'm also still in the stages of learning how to sew. I haven't done too much in regards of making things other than a couple of aprons and a bib in the past year. I have managed to make part of a costume for comicon and am going to attempt to do another couple of pieces again this year so I definitely need to get off my tush and start working on that.

LOOKING FOR: Anything really. At once upon a time I was active on LJ (weren't most of us?) but that's really waned in the past couple of years with everything and I really want to start getting back into this game so I can use this for more detailed posts instead of cluttering my bullet journal and trying to figure out what the heck I wrote.

ANYTHING ELSE?: Currently, I work at a school that specializes in behavior and the kids in my class are all 5th/6th grade so every great once in a while I might just vent about the job more than anything, especially as the year comes to a close in the next couple of weeks but other than that it'll be a little more of a day-to-day thing although I don't plan on posting every day unless my week ends up being super exciting. But if I keep up with what I did on my LJ, it should still be more life stuff with some work and fandom thrown in.
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NAME: Hi all, I'm Liz.

AGE: 35 in June

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Oh boy. I'm a freelance writer, nanny, and Marketing Manager. I work for a precious metals dealer in Toronto, Ontario. I love all kinds of things - cats, writing, reading (mostly historical fiction), social justice (I write a lot in this sector, though not on my journal), talking about kids and parenting (nanny), TV. My fandoms include Glee, Carol, Outlander, Grey's Anatomy, Sailor Moon, Pretty Little Liars, Friends . . . so many more I can't remember now. I'm watching 13 Reasons Why and the new Anne series, both of which I like a lot. I like to read fanfiction but rarely write anymore. I am a singer and sing in a community choir right now.

I have two cats and live in a condo in downtown Toronto. I love photography and post a lot to my Instagram, which I'll very occasionally link. I'm single (queer - homoromantic bisexual) so I sometimes post about dating adventures, but I'm not really dating anyone right now.

LOOKING FOR: Journals that talk about your life. I talk about mine a lot - anything and everything. I have some medical issues that I tend to keep track of, and I will post about work, nannying, and anything I can think of. I just want people to be friends with and to follow. Fandom stuff is cool, too, but I don't really want to add just fandom journals. I came over from LJ and am trying to start over here.

ANYTHING ELSE?: Not really. I just like coming on at the end of a day and commenting and reading my friends list. I use LJ to relax.

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