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NAME: erin [if you couldn't tell by my username].

AGE: 31.

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: reading, writing, planning, photography, video games, youtube, travel.

LOOKING FOR: i'm coming over to DW from LJ and am looking for people to add to my reading list and make this site feel as much like home as LJ did. i'm not heavily into fandom-type things and prefer reading journals with general, every-day-life sort of posts the most.

ANYTHING ELSE?: i'm just finishing up my first year of traditional classroom teaching, so a lot of posts are related to that. i tend to post primarily slice-of-life posts myself [and they tend to get very long], but i don't post very often, unfortunately. i always try to post more, but life often gets in the way.

ALSO KNOWN AS: if you've seen someone known as theoryoferin on any social media site, it's probably me.
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In the middle of my move to Dreamwidth. I'm lowering the boom on LJ just as soon as the boxes are unpacked. 

All my friends went to FB so I'm starting over by saying I need friends. (Great start, Pipi.)

Pipi Bluestocking

Location: Sydney, Australia

Age: 45 again this year.

Describe yourself in five sentences: I'm a writer who moonlights around whatever pays the bills. I go to the office and start work an hour and a half early every day to get some writing done before my day goes to hell in wicker handbasket. Work on the go: I have one complete manuscript, part of one that is going places and as for the third... I've just deleted it back to the opening scene (think car in the middle of the driveway with engine parts scattered across the lawn).

Top 5 fandoms: If I've dropped out of nowhere to read your stuff it's safe to assume that I'm your readership.

I mostly post about Slice of life. Small snippets of what I am writing about (original fic).

How often do I post? Sporadically, trying to bring it up to something per day without eating into novel writing time.
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I came over to DW a while ago and x-post to LJ, but i've been on hiatus from fandom and journaling for some time and trying to get back in sync with it.  my reading / friends list used to be pages per day, now its several days per page :-(   But other than the being AWOL for a while,  i've been in fandom, mostly Harry Potter since forever, in internet time that is, sometime in 2001.

NAME: Alchemia.  Al.  Alan.

AGE: over 18.  twice.

INTERESTS & HOBBIES:  HP fandom (but read the 'anything else' as a disclaimer!), especially but not limitted to slash, especially Snarry.  I got into it thru my spouse.   I rarely ready fiction, and have no TV etc so really don't have other fandoms.

I am Autistic (very very anti Autism $peaks), queer, married (with whom I do much co-writing with), occassionally complain about chronic pain and lack of spoons, havent had a TV for almost 2 decades and cant afford online subscriptions so I cant really connect with fandoms based on tv shows.  rarely bother with movies too (ironic since film was part of my first create-your-own major) due to lack of $$$ and the sensory issues that overwhlm me in theatres.  I used to love comics, but again, haven't bought any for decades due to money.  I read a lot on medieval history / literature / etc, as well as ancient history, and WWI 7 WWII, world religions/mythologies (although I am an athiest), and biology/genetics and other sciences in general.  I like painting / crafting / sculpting.  We have a mini farm with chickens, miniature sheep, giant but gentle dogs (also disability service dogs), fancy rats, gerbils, african grey parrot, and rabbits

LOOKING FOR: Stimulating discussion on fannish meta, social and cultural issues, etc.. 

ANYTHING ELSE?: Fannish wise, I like meta discussion, meta fics, and slash, especially Snarry, Snape and Harry probably being my OTP but i read/write/draw  some other pairings (or characters not paired), sirius/remus, ron/hermione, sirius/james, ftm!blaise/mtf!blaise, tom voldie/lucius etc etc like fic that is dark/disturbing and/or deals with relationship/mariatal/family issues, or  social, political,etc issues, especially when its something hinted at in the books, or outright mentioned (i won't say dealt with, as imho JKR repeatedly failed to deal with important issues in any kind of ethical way). And that brings me to an important point anyone considering friending me for HP fandom reasons....

I really loath JKR and her 'canon'.  I guess that might make some fannish relationships difficult, since in the past, people would be all ''book 7 came out!  Squeeee!'' and I would be ''JKR has again, outdid herself on being a priveledged, cultural-appropiating, hypocrite and enabler of X-phobia/X-bashing.   Oh and she's a hack who lacks any real writing talent.'' , not uncommonly with footnotes.    I'd rather talk fanon than canon as the first is more interesting, the second more triggery/angering, but certainly do talk canon at times when I feel there's dangerous message or reflection on cultural/social issues that is being ignored because OMG the Squee! and praising JKR for tossing minorities a superfluous bone.  you dont have to hate JKR, just respect that i do, i'll likewise tolerate your 'squees'.

ALSO KNOWN AS: Alchemia, Alchemia Dent, pretty much everywhere, except outside of fandom.

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AGE: 26


I didn't come here from Livejournal, but I've been here for a while without really meeting any new people, so I thought I'd get on the former-LJ-ers bandwagon here. I live in Maryland with my partner, our roommate and two cats. I'm bi, gray-ace, and polyamorous, and I'm autistic.


Scifi and fantasy books! Especially but not exclusively YA (young adult). I have a longish list of favorite authors in my interests, but that's definitely not a full list, so feel free to ask me about your favorite books to find out if we have stuff in common. I'm particularly interested in books with disabled / mentally ill characters, whether explicit in canon or not.

Lately I've been reading:
-- YA books from Disability In Kidlit's list of books with autistic characters
-- David Drake's RCN and Hammer's Slammers books
-- and I just started re-reading the main Dragonlance books.

I don't know if I'd call cooking a hobby, but I do sometimes post about new recipes I'm trying.

I also knit and do digital art, but I don't really post about those things on DW. You can check out my art tumblr if you want, though.


People to talk to about books. Other mentally ill / disabled / autistic people. If there are any other David Drake fans out there, please let me know.

ALSO KNOWN AS: [tumblr.com profile] buttons-beads-lace


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