Apr. 15th, 2017

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NAME: Cameron
AGE: 23
books (LGBT, mystery, nonfiction, fantasy)
fanfiction (mostly femslash)
history (Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, Women's, Dutch, Irish)
museums (history and art)
libraries (public and academic)
publishing/editing (field I hope to work in one day, at least for a little bit)
tea (I drink it a lot, coffee gives me a stomachache)
tv shows (don't actively watch any right now because disappointing writing but I still pay attention to fandom and whatnot)
video games (guild wars 2, stardew valley, pokemon, animal crossing, fire emblem, golden sun, runescape; I watch a lot of Twitch).
LOOKING FOR: Journals that are updated at least once a week, with some common interests. 
ANYTHING ELSE?:  I'm a queer young woman. I rant a lot on my journal about my home life (I really want to move out) because I don't have anyone who will listen, so fair warning about that. I'm hoping to make some new friends because I currently don't have any online/offline and I would love for that to change.
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NAME: i'm theHITMANbravo!
AGE: i'm 30
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: i love TV and CATS and video games and all KINDS of music and i write about WEIRD THINGS in my life or pointless-run-on-caffeine-fueled drivel. a lot of my adventures begin with drinking with my best friend. i used to keep a livejournal YEARS AGO but i abandoned it in favor of playing particular mmorpgs. since i'm finding myself with more time on my hands i figured it would be in my best interests to MAYBE GET BACK INTO THAT SOMEHOW but the catch is i have to be as POSITIVE and OPTIMISTIC as i possibly can instead of being a NEGATIVE NANCY. i'm not even sure that this is an actual thing that will help but i SURE HOPE it works
LOOKING FOR: similar-type folk who care about reading stories from someone who has 'em. if you're the kind of person who HATES SMOKING and hates DRINKING and can't stand cringe-y things other people do then you will probably not like my journal very much because i am awkward mess sometimes
ANYTHING ELSE?: i'm from chicago, IL and i am always down to make new friends! i love to cook and i love my job! i have a load of amazing friends who are the best and most wholesome people in my life, and i want to SHARE ALL OF THIS with people!
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NAME: Sharon
AGE: 25
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: writing, reading, watching shows (for a better list of fandoms check my profile), cross-stitching, social justice, feminism, and my cats.
LOOKING FOR: anything really, just looking for people to talk to.
ANYTHING ELSE?: I have depression and anxiety so sometimes it’ll crop up into my posts. For the most part I tag entries and I put that behind a cut so if you don’t feel comfortable reading it, that’s fine. It’s also my first year as a SPED Math teacher with the NYC Teaching fellows program and let me tell you, this year has not been fun for me. Especially not with everything that’s going on with education rn. I’m also doubling up and doing my masters at the same time because that’s how the program works and just... It’s been a stressful time for me rn so fandoms and such have been put on a bit of a hold. I still occasionally fangirl over on tumblr but I need my journal as a space to rant and let everything out. However once the school year is over just a little over two months and summer sets in I’ll probably talk about my classes, food, wine/heavy drinks, and the free e-books I’ve downloaded because those can be hilarious.
ALSO KNOWN AS: [livejournal.com profile] ilcocoabean. [tumblr.com profile] ilcocoabean [twitter.com profile] ilcocoabean


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