Apr. 7th, 2017

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This was the first that come up when I googled “dreamwidth add me”, so you understand I’m very new here. I am an old livejournal user who have been too lazy to check out this place until now. Now I'm here hopping to meet new people, of course.

 I am a guy, Swedish, single, at the moment I am taking a writing class. My hope was I could be working on a novel that addresses both biotechnology, and a desire to escape from the modern world. Perhaps it was naive to think I could complete the project.

  I will update my my journal weekly. Write about daily life, friends, family, career, books, series, perhaps a little about writing. I likely will write about politics. I’m disappointed at the world, especially with the US, but I’m also casual optimistic. Having said that you understand you shouldn’t add me if you like the current US regime. On the other hand I primarily write personal things and one can not have a political platform on a personal blog. So it won't be much of that.


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NAME: Mary
AGE: 35
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: I collect and play video games, old ones, new ones, black ones, blue ones. RPG's are my absolute favorite. I love music played on vinyl records, I'm an heiress. My inheritance from my father is his vast collection of vintage LP's. I enjoy fancy champagnes and cheap wines. I love movies, both going out and staying in to watch them. Popcorn is my favorite food. I love to write stories but rarely finish them, I've been told writing dialog is a strength of mine. I think fan fiction is a great invention and have been known to dabble in that medium.
LOOKING FOR: I'm not looking for anything or anyone in particular...I've never posted to a community like this but I thought, what the hell!
ANYTHING ELSE?: I came over from Live Journal after the TOS changed...Before the move I was posting to my own journal pretty consistently since 2004 until...I wasn't? I don't know what happened but like 90% of everyone else who used Live Journal, I migrated to Facebook. Two months ago I deleted Facebook because I hate it there and wanted to get back into reading, writing and journaling. The last 10ish entries to my journal haven't been 'up-beat' necessarily...But that's just what I felt like writing. I write about my friends, family and other personal stuff with the occasional nonsense post thrown in. I also swear. A lot.
ALSO KNOWN AS: [livejournal.com profile] viennawaits. I JUST started this damn thing back up again, changed the name, changed the style and BOOM. I used to be [livejournal.com profile] meles_kuila before I spent $15 on a rename token. If any of this appeals to you, feel free to add me. I'd be glad to add you back!!
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NAME: I tend to go by Coconut on the internet, but my given name is Sheryl. I also go by various forms of Sherri.
AGE: 28
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: reading in general, writing in various forms, jrock/visual kei, listening to music in general, anime and manga, reading self-help/self-improvement books, reading and writing fan fiction, watching movies and television, journaling, eating, playing videogames, scrapbooking, shopping... I am also what I call a coffee and tea enthusiast.
LOOKING FOR: I'm looking for a multitude of things. Fandom buddies, genuine people I can get to know and hopefully build solid friendships with.
ANYTHING ELSE?: I tend to post about anything and everything that comes to mind. It can be from my personal life, my random thoughts, or fandom-related. I also live with mental illness and I do post about that sometimes.
ALSO KNOWN AS: [livejournal.com profile] cocosmileyboo. My old username for practically everything since I was 11 years old was endless variations of "bakacoconut".

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