Mar. 5th, 2017

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NAME: Kate. My screen name means "cat lady" in German... I think. I don't speak German.
AGE: 35
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: You can view a fairly broad list on my user profile, but lately? cats, contra dancing, binging on netflix (particularly documentaries), crafting, home decorating, organizing my home, fitness/weight loss, vintage household stuff, camping, and cats.
LOOKING FOR: people with common interests, people who are open-minded, not supremely negative/angry in their posts (but hey, we all have bad days), LGBTQ positivity, cats.
ANYTHING ELSE?: I live in Pennsylvania, I am engaged to my partner of 3+ years, we're saving for a house and getting married this coming November. I have two cats. I am childfree by choice and "fixed" to make sure I stay that way. I work as a cognitive rehab therapist with adults who have brain injuries or are on the autism spectrum. I generally just write about my daily life, which lately has to do with: work, wedding planning, fitness/weightloss, or just pondering random things I think of.
ALSO KNOWN AS: cat lady

If you add me, please also leave a note here with a little intro, so I know where you found me. I don't add random people without a note. Thanks!

Photo under here! Sorry it's so giant sized. )


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