Feb. 10th, 2017

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NAME: Valichou Winchester
AGE: 32
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Blogging, chatting, collecting deer plushies
(I have that problem, apparently), hanging out with friends,
Jared Padalecki, listening to music, shopping, Supernatural, watching movies or tv shows.
LOOKING FOR: People who have the same interests as me and people who are not judgemental about mental health
(I suffer from Bipolar Disorder since October 2OO6 and from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder since June 2O14).
ANYTHING ELSE?: I cannot remember the email I registered with, and I cannot reset my password. This account is new.
So, fair warning: I do not have much posted. I discovered some darkness about LiveJournal recently. It scared me.
ALSO KNOWN AS: Formerly Manic_Padagirl, and now, Padabegood2me on LiveJournal.

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AGE: 37
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Oh, where to begin. I like to read, I like video games and watching TV, my guilty pleasures being WWE and horrible reality TV (yes, I watched Jersey Shore-- mainly for the lolz). I used to watch a lot of anime but somewhere a long the way, I just decided that I lacked the patience for it-- but there are a few manga series that I still read (anything by CLAMP, Princess Jellyfish, Fumi Yoshinaga, etc). Mainly though it's just a girl and her JRPGs
LOOKING FOR: Anyone interesting with content that I could potentially comment on!

ANYTHING ELSE?: I intend to be here for a little while, I have found that Facebook and other social media sites are starting to give me anxiety with the constant anti-everything, and being an ENFP, it is starting to just sicken me. So I've decided to go back to my roots in a textual journaling type of way and hopefully start to get better again and remember all the positive and wonderful things that come from technology in this world

I have pictures mind you but I am not going to share them. They are all on instagram and facebook and I don't really want to link to them but I know that there are links on my info page so if you are -that- curious, go for it!


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