Jan. 16th, 2017

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Name: Eilonwy

Interests and hobbies: YA fiction, architecture, statistics, indie music. I write mildly deconstructive fanfic of popular YA franchises and would be over-the-moon to find people who make fan art -- whether you want to team up or your art is just something cool to look at. Sometimes I get bored and write local history. Sometimes I get bored and confused, and then I sew or cook.

Looking for: Music fans who want to share their faves (I have a lot more than appears in my very new journal here!). I'm always looking for new music, and on Twitter I do a weekly survey of musicians I've discovered. I love people who write about stuff: music, fandoms, deconstructions, local events and landmarks, weird history... basically, if you're passionate about it, I'm willing to be interested in it with you.

Anything else? I'm very new here and was never a dedicated LJ user, so my journal is kind of a mess right now. But I figured if I waited to meet people until it was perfect, it'd be 2019.

If you'd like to be friends, please drop me a comment either here or on my journal!
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AGE: early twenties
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: YGO, PKMN, fandom in general, activism (particularly queer stuff, mental health and disability), psychology in general. I draw, write and knit (really badly (i can literally only make scarves)).
LOOKING FOR: Pretty much anyone open to making friends, particularly anyone who shares fandoms with me? I'm not super down for a lot of negativity for my own mental health, and I have some issues wrt alcohol so if you talk about it a lot or post while drunk a lot I'd rather avoid that too.
ANYTHING ELSE?: I haven't ever used DW for anything but RP before - I mostly wanted to try it out as a place to meet people without some of the negativity and toxicity I've been encountering in places like tumblr lately, so I'm not super sure what kind of thing I'll be posting myself. Also, while I'm openly part of a multiple system, everyone is pretty well-behaved and good at respecting boundaries - nobody will pretend to be me, and if someone wants to hijack the journal for a post or anything (which isn't super likely in general) they'll make it clear who they are.


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