another pleasant pokemon go update

Jun. 27th, 2017 12:45 pm
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When I woke up last night to get ready for work, I opened up Pokemon Go like I normally do and was surprised to receive a notification for a nearby raid event starting... at a brand new gym down the street that was not there when I went to sleep (and it was unclaimed, so guess who hopped on that shit).

This is not the first new gym I've seen since the gym update, since I've noticed that several former pokestops in the towns I regularly visit have been turned into gyms with the update, but these were all transformed when the old gym system was down for the rework. This just popped up yesterday.

On the way to work, I was also met with several new pokestops that had similarly popped up on the trails, as well as another new gym at one of the overlooks that, again, was not there earlier, (and again was also unclaimed, but it's in a service dead zone and I was unable to claim it because my service wigged out).

Apparently, Ingress had gotten an update that added new portals, and since Pokemon Go's maps are a direct import from Ingress's, that means that Pokemon Go got some new stops and gyms too. Which is pretty fucking cool.

Also I thought I had a pattern figured out as to when raid battles spawned, and the gym closest to me seems to spawn them every twenty-six hours... while the one down the road (on the map, it's the active raid with the Wheezing) has spawned twice in the last twenty-four hours, so maybe they each have their own individual spawn rates? I just evolved a Wheezing the other day so I really have no reason to walk down and do that raid battle, so I'm waiting for the one behind my house to hatch and I'm going to do that one. I only get one free raid pass a day and I really don't want to buy another one.
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A while ago I mentioned a teacher at my school who told students that myself and my colleague couldn't teach. Today, a formal investigation was opened into it. It had to be done on the proper paperwork with various legal terms used and I felt like I was in court or something. My colleague also had to be interviewed. Strange experience. Surprisingly unsettling.
Then I had a dreadful lesson with Year 10 this afternoon. The kids were really disengaged.
Last week I was feeling really inspired, looking forward to working with the new employee in my department and implementing some new stuff; today - I'm counting down to the holidays. 3 and a half weeks to go. : /
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Wed Dec 28th: Core Desired Feelings

I want to feel:


December Blogging Meme Masterpost (LJ)

Outfit of the day

Jun. 27th, 2017 09:45 am
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"I'm looking California but feeling Minnesota" -Chris Cornell, "Outshined"

I'm really happy with these shorts, Finnistre or something. They're apparently a British brand but made in Portugal. I sometimes worry Portugal is the sweatshop of Europe, but the price would indicate otherwise. I got them on clearance, thinking it was the normal, reasonable price, and then I saw they are actually way more expensive. Cool. They are long enough that they sometimes even cover my embarrassing knees. And they are kind of dressy and kind of stretchy. Do Not Tumble Dry. Fancy.

I wore my surf shirt today from Wellen Surf Co and a pink American Giant San Francisco shirt (I wanted to make the Cali kids feel comfy)

Went for brown shoes (San Antonio Shoemakers) and brown belt (RPMWest, RIP), blue purple and grey socks because I don't have much variety to choose from in short socks (Pact fair trade organic cotton socks grown/made in India) and don't know where to get any more
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Tues Dec 27th: What do you hope brings you joy in the coming year? (2014 December Blogging Meme: NaNoBloPoMo Dec 2014)

My writing practice .

December Blogging Meme Masterpost (LJ)

Saved comments from May 2017

Jun. 27th, 2017 09:54 am
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One of today's "On This Day" notifications on Facebook was the first status I wrote on this computer two years ago.  That made me a bit anxious, as my desktops have lasted about two years on average before they either become obsolete or something bad befalls them.  That compounded another anxiety of mine, that I would lose the comments I've saved on my desktop computer that I sometimes recycle for blog posts.  A recent event made that anxiety more acute; the closing of The Archdruid Report and The Well of Galabes, complete with the loss of all my comments there.  I have all of them from January 2015 to the present saved, but all of them from 2013 and 2014, including some that I thought needed re-examination, are all lost.  I don't want that to happen to the rest because of computer failure, so I'm saving them here in reverse chronological order, beginning with the ones from May 2017.  Most are from Kunstler's blog, but there are also comments from Booman Tribune and The Well of Galabes.

Saved comments from Kunstler's blog, Well of Galabes, and Booman Tribune behind this text. )
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So, at long last, the trailer for the Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan movie, “The Foreigner” (directed by the man who made Goldeneye and Casino Royale) has been unveiled.

As a YouTube commentator wagged, it’s like an Asian Taken!

From the trailer, it looks pretty cool with at least one classic Jackie Chan move remixed, but a couple of things strike me:

– The film is famous for having blown up a London bus on a Sunday afternoon in Lambeth Bridge, alarming a lot of people nearby who didn’t realise it was a film stunt. Given all the effort they went into filming that stunt, it’s surprising it’s not in the trailer. Instead, it’s a more generic urban bombing that appears in the trailer. Maybe they decided to drop that sequence?

– This is probably just me, but I’m just not ready to see Pierce Brosnan playing the bad admin guy.

What do you think?

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Water-Powered Robots

Jun. 27th, 2017 05:14 am
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These robots crawl or grasp based on humidity rather than a conventional power source. 

Japan day 1 (version 2)!

Jun. 27th, 2017 10:01 am
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Well, we're in Tokyo! The travel agent is looking to reschedule our missed tour to one of our free days, and I'd the airport shuttle gets through traffic quick enough we might just be able to get to out thing tonight. Which is looking less and less likely. Which is too bad, but we'll see what we can adjust :)

Blue blue blue

Jun. 27th, 2017 12:36 am
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Yday Florencia and Melina came home and since we were kinda bored they painted a strand of my hair with blue color. First we made it blonde then we painted with blue.
I don't think I will be blonde ever but the color was pretty nice on me, girls liked it and they said it looks honey instead yellow.
The blue strand is very nice and not flashy, it's hard to see it on my head because I have so much hair! I like it

pics arent good cuz it was at night and light is bad

Pics here )

Make up

Jun. 27th, 2017 12:30 am
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Mike got back the box he sent me 6 month ago with the make up he got for me. I told him better he keeps it and he gives me next time we be together. He could not help and he shows me the make up he bought. I didn't want he shows me because I like the surprises but he was so excited about the gift!! I can't wait to try it 

The eyelash mascaras are blue and purple

Quiet day and then shopping

Jun. 26th, 2017 11:25 pm
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Work was very quiet, no school which is silly cause the last day of school isn't until the 28th, so why have a day off on the 26th? But that's what they did. So we were very quiet indeed.

After work the FWiB called, and while we talked I made my way to 20th Ave, where I met up with [personal profile] mashfanficchick and her mother. We went to the Broadway Mall, somewhere on Long Island, first eating dinner at Blazes, a pizza place, and then shopping in the mall. I got two pairs of shoes, one for the wedding and one just because. I'll probably use them for that trip too. I also got an Old Navy flag tee shirt.

Then came home and found that Bjorn has managed to get his collar off somewhere in the apartment and I don't know where. Grr.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Friends, including on-line friends, because it's Herschel's birthday.

3. Pizza.

4. Shoes gotten.

5. No school.

6. Wildflowers on the way to work.


Jun. 26th, 2017 11:46 pm
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Almost 1 week without write .
Last week my brain got burned at work, but nothing has ruined my mood. I don't feel anxiety since 10 days... I sound like an addict with withdrawal syndrome lol

On Saturday I went to a small concert in a bar. My dad and one of his sons have a band (different bands) and they both participated in the concert. The music was good. It was the first time I hear them. Some friends went with me and it could be a nice night but my sister decided to come and got kinda drunk. I had to drag her home. That is why I don't spend so much time with family.

I bought shoes. Some military leather boots for every day which I can wear with jeans, satin high heels from Italy which are very comfortable for walking, and others high heels for the parties I hardly ever go

Reading update

Jun. 26th, 2017 11:06 pm
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Before I started Dragons of Spring Dawning a few weeks ago, I wrote up a batch of Thoughts about Caramon and Raistlin, among other things, and then while I was reading the first few chapters I wrote a bunch more notes that I haven't posted about yet. At the time I was writing them, I sort of felt like I was reaching a bit in my conclusions, but now I've gotten to chapter 15, which is the most detailed version of Raistlin's Test so far, and wow, I was not reaching at all, wow.

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Mon Dec 26th: What has brought you joy over the past year? Pick three things/people and tell us about them. (2014 December Blogging Meme: NaNoBloPoMo Dec 2014)
1. School: i enjoy being able to take classes for free and i feel comfortable with a lot of the staff and students.

2. Starting all the podcast discussion groups: it's just so much fun running discussions and it helps me keep up with canons.

3. Volunteering: I'm really happy with my volunteer job at the shelter. I always feel accomplished and it's nice having cats to socialize.

December Blogging Meme Masterpost (LJ)


Jun. 26th, 2017 09:46 pm
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I saw this on [personal profile] zhelana journal. This is my first time, can be funny

1. How quickly does it take your phone to die?
10-12 hours unless I use wsap all day long, then it will die in few hours.

2. Do you remember the first YouTube video you ever watched?

3. How many cities do you have saved in your weather app? What are they?
3: Buenos Aires, Orlando, Indianapolis

4. Are you happy?
I'm learning how to be :)

5. What colour is your soap? Shampoo?

6. What do they smell like?
Almonds and vainilla

7. Have you ever had a run in with the police?

8. Who inspires you the most?
People who fight for their dreams and don't give up

9. How often do you dye your hair?
Every 2 months maybe

10. Do you have any friends with benefits?
My boyfriend :P he is my best friend really

11. Does your ex miss you?
I don't know... ask to my ex

12. Have you ever been on a horse? How was it?
Yes, once, and I couldn't control the horse because I felt sorry to spur him so the horse just stopped to eat grass till another horse ran next to him then my horse started to run too... next day my ass and legs hurted so much

13. What is your favourite fruit?
Mmmm strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, banana, pineapple (I can't decide just for one)

14. Is the last male you spoke to attractive?
Well I spoke my bf so he's attractive for me

15. Do people often tell you that you're pretty?

16. What was your worst subject in school? What about your best?
the worst were history and geography, the best math

17. How many different towns have you lived in?

18. Are you kinky?
Just a liiiittle in all the meanings

19. What is in your refrigerator right now?
milk, yogurth, cheese, eggs, some vegetables, tuna, butter, jam, olives, wine, water

20. Are you sexy?
I have no idea

21. How far away does a destination have to be before you consider it a road trip?
2 hours

22. Do you believe that people can change?
Yes, just if they want

23. Do you always have the TV on for background noise?
No, I don't have TV at all :)

25. Are you more mentally or physically strong?

26. What is something weird that turns you on?
Being tired but i don't think it is "weird"

27. Do you easily pick up on innuendos?

28. Do you avoid confrontation?
It depends... I avoid confrontation with family but I don't avoid it with coworkers and bf

29. With whom was your last kiss and where?
It depends.. what kind of kiss? french kiss??

30. Have you ever been offered drugs? Did you accept?
yes, just weed but I don't like drugs.

31. Have you ever tried online dating?
No, but I met my bf playing online games lol

32. What perfume do you wear?
Yes! by Giorgio Armani

33. What three countries would you LEAST like to visit?
Japon, United Arab Emirates and maybe Italy

34. What have been the top 3 moments of your year so far?
Vacations with Michael on Florida, pay rise at work :D and last days without anxiety

35. Does virginity matter to you?
I don't remember what it was

36. What is on your floor right now?

37. Do you take nudes?
Yes, I'm photographer for Playboy

38. Do you like reptiles?
yes, gekkos

39. Do you swear a lot?

40. Does it bother you when guys wear pink?

41. Do you watch porn?
I make porn!

42. What is an unpopular opinion that you have?
IMO... I dont know

43. Do you watch any reality shows?
No, I think it is boring as fuck to see how other people live or how they try to get attention in those shows

44. Do you skip breakfast?
No, but my breakfast is coffee and toast... not healthy

45. Do you work out every week?

46. Did you grow up in a small town or big city?

47. How many roses did you get on Valentine’s day?
I didn't get any, my bf was away

48. Are you belligerent?

49. What are you looking forward to?
Being better, always

50. Have you ever been lost in the woods?

Everyday stuff

Jun. 26th, 2017 10:04 pm
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 I got distracted playing a game last night and didn't post. Oops. 

Sparkly arrived safely for eir work trip, got eir employee ID and everything, and has been busily filling out very boring forms. But ey tells me that the people running the training are very nice, and ey has met some of eir future coworkers. Ey was issued a phone, so now I have eir new work phone number (which I am not to call unless it's an emergency.)

My hand is healing up well from Zinfandel's accidental attack. I spent most of yesterday morning with my thumb taped to my hand, to keep myself from using it and stretching the injured skin, and that seems to have helped. 
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