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Hello! It's that time again when I look for new friends friends!!! I love making friends on here and I will return comments for those who comment on my entries.

NAME: Christine (but you can call me Chrissy)

AGE: 33, going to be 34 this month

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Comedy, reading, writing, listening to music, taking surveys, poetry, Broadway

LOOKING FOR: Anyone who reads entries and comments. I do comment on entries of those who comment on mine :)

ANYTHING ELSE?: I talk alot about my best friends, especially my best friend Ricky who is my Broadway Buddy. I absolutely love Impractical Jokers and I do talk about Sal a lot, who is my favorite. As well as Murr, my second favorite. I love anything Broadway and go to shows whenever I can. I am a freelance writer and write novels as my career. I also go to a lot of comedy shows and I'm going into comedy myself. My favorite actor is Gerard Butler. Other than that, I just write about anything happening.

Music: 60's: The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Four Seasons. 70's: The Bee Gees. 80's: Prince, Culture Club, Michael Jackson, George Michael, Madonna, etc.. 90's NKOTB, BSB, *NSYNC, Britney Spears,etc... Today: Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, etc...

Movies/TV: TV:Impractical Jokers, I'm Sorry, Adam Ruins Everything, Outlander
Movies: Purple Rain, Phantom of the Opera, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Grease, etc..
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Post and comment alike. Sounds like a pretty simple system doesn't it? I'll add you and see where this goes... *pushes giant green add button casually*
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Hi, I just rejoined DW very recently and posted my info on this community. I was looking through some of the postings here and came across your intro. I am older than yourself, but we do have a few things in common, music, reading and writing. Would like to add you to it if that's okay?
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Here for the Britney/Madonna/Nsync/Katy Perry love! I'm trying to be more active on here, so feel free to add me if you think we have enough in common!