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bonnie ([personal profile] bonnabelle) wrote in [community profile] addme2017-09-02 11:53 pm

i'm so new i know nothing about this place but lets be friends

NAME: bonnie (they/them)
AGE: 21
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: witchcraft, writing (poetry & prose), videogames, reading, making music & listening to folk/electronic/a whole bunch of stuff, tarot cards, astrology, collecting toys/cute things, sanrio, spending time with my girlfriend, drinking a lot of tea, journaling and getting to know people through journals, veganism, cooking
LOOKING FOR: definitely all kinds of stuff - i would love to find writers and witches especially for motivation reasons. honestly i'm looking to meet more people who i can relate to and enjoy sharing with!
ANYTHING ELSE?: i'm agender, i have anxiety, i get really busy and disappear sometimes, but i also just love this kind of stuff so i'm trying it out ? i'm so new though, never even had an LJ, just found this recently!

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