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i'm so new i know nothing about this place but lets be friends

NAME: bonnie (they/them)
AGE: 21
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: witchcraft, writing (poetry & prose), videogames, reading, making music & listening to folk/electronic/a whole bunch of stuff, tarot cards, astrology, collecting toys/cute things, sanrio, spending time with my girlfriend, drinking a lot of tea, journaling and getting to know people through journals, veganism, cooking
LOOKING FOR: definitely all kinds of stuff - i would love to find writers and witches especially for motivation reasons. honestly i'm looking to meet more people who i can relate to and enjoy sharing with!
ANYTHING ELSE?: i'm agender, i have anxiety, i get really busy and disappear sometimes, but i also just love this kind of stuff so i'm trying it out ? i'm so new though, never even had an LJ, just found this recently!
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Hello! You seem really cool, wanna be pals? I'm a witchy, non-binary writer too, and you sound really rad. Can I send you a friend request?
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Socially anxious nb/genderqueer witch here, hello! I'm a writer, and an artist, that also loves video games. And comics.
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Hey, someone else who knows about the scp foundation and marble hornets!

I'm witchy, bigendered, and have my share of anxiety. Friends?
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Great, glad to meet you! :)
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I added you. feel free to check out my posts.
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Hey there! I'm a trans woman, writer and not, idk if denominational is the word, but basically I'm into tarot etc. but just blend beliefs from my catholic background, new agey stuff and wicca. Adding you! <3