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BK. ([personal profile] bill_kaulitz) wrote in [community profile] addme2017-08-23 09:10 pm

Hello :)

NAME: Lynn
AGE: 30
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: It's honestly easier if you check out my profile list (too many to list). Tbh, my username is pretty freaking obvious, if not a little embarrassing lol.
LOOKING FOR: People who like to post on here regularly and have similar interests, honestly. Current interests include South Park, The 1975, Tokio Hotel, cross-stitching, um... Pokemon and ummmmm, video games, really? Idk.
ANYTHING ELSE?: I miss this platform, so I'm trying to start over here and make some new friends here. I know this is probably a SUPER dull post, I really terrible at introducing myself :/