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NAME: tarobun
AGE: Twenty-three (ee-ee-ee-ee, in the tune of Taylor Swift's "Twenty-two").
ABOUT ME: Software developer in the Silicon Valley, who is surprised and happy at her occupation but struggles with managing the normal day-to-day of adult life. I live with my mom and sister in a Chinatown basement and used to play Neopets a lot as a kid.
ADJECTIVES: dysfunctional, verbose, ruminative, reserved/introverted, stoic. Wow, wish I could think of some more positive ones!
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Ice skating, reading sci-fi/fantasy, anime/manga (particularly josei manga), arts + crafts (crochet, watercolor paints), roller skating, visual novels, watching Let's Play videos, old jrpgs and indie games, Neopets dailies
I don't actually engage in most of my hobbies that often these days, aside from ice skating and possibly rollerskating. :( What can I say, I'm not such a motivated person... Lately, I've been watching some tv shows: GoT, Insecure, Bojack Horseman, and Rick and Morty.
LOOKING FOR: Random musings, journals whose authors have similar interests
  • Long, ruminative posts which may exhibit anxiety or depression but hopefully some that just talk about what's been going on in my life.
  • References to coding, software engineering, and the Silicon Valley because it's a part of my life.
  • Some short, mundane updates about my current status.
  • Dating, whenever that happens.*
  • Maybe some posts discussing media or literature I've been consuming (books, anime, manga, tv shows, movies).
  • I might write about politics or culture if there's something I need to debrief about.**

POSTING FREQUENCY: Probably not that frequent -- I find it hard to manage my time and therefore find it hard to find time to write lengthy, unwieldy posts. But when they come, they might be long to make up for it! ;)
CONFESSION: I've never gotten a tattoo and don't have any piercings***, BUT I secretly want to get a cartilage piercing and double lobe piercing. You know, so I can connect a chain from my helix to my lobe**** :D and just put some studs in my lobe in the other ear.
I'd also love to get a tattoo, only I can't think of any image of enough significance or appeal to me that I'd want to put it on my body. :( And I don't want to just have a random tattoo for the sake of having a tattoo.
It's a confession because I have a very straight-laced appearance to-date, by the way.
OTHER: If you can't tell, I'm a fan of footnotes.

* I don't go on dates often.
** I'm a feminist and believe in social justice (natural consequence of attending a small liberal-artsy women's college).
*** The standard lobe piercings I got at 8 healed up after I left them alone when they got infected.
**** But I won't actually do this because I hear cartilage is a pain to pierce due to slow healing, and I hate fuss.

Me right now, at 23 - second post, example of rambling you can expect
For more examples, just read my latest posts.. I haven't made them private (so far) :D
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I tend to like verbose people who use a lot of footnotes. (I haven't done it so much myself mostly because I feel the asterisks are too big, but several of my friends on LJ/DW do.)

Here's my intro post in this community.
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"So, here we are. With a cool dreamwidth, the new livejournal for the 2010s and close-to-2020s. Nice throwback."

I love this and totally agree. :) Also, your layout is super cute! Added. xo
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Thank you so much!
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Gotta spin that Wheel of Excitement, haha.

Added for awesome ramblings and overall coolness.
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hi! i think we might get along - i'm a web developer, i love sci-fi/fantasy, reading, crafts, drawing and video games. i journal about my day to day life.

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mending clothes is a really good place to start learning to sew, imo.

the easiest kind of garment to make is a skirt with an elastic waist, so if you wear skirts, i suggest starting with a few of those.
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I added you. Feel free to check out my posts.