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Creativity Welcomed

NAME: Amy Carter

AGE: Just turned 41 on August 5th


LOOKING FOR: Like minded creative individuals that is into comic cons, cosplay and learning things and / or brainstorming right along with me. I would not say that I am 'pro' though others may disagree with that. I just like to being creative, experiment and see what happens. Feel free to check out my interests to see if we're a good match.

ANYTHING ELSE?: This account is just my sewing account, nothing 'personal' per say. I am currently working on moving my cosplay stuff over to this dreamwidth account from my LiveJournal account. It is quite a slow process so please bare with me. Also most of my costumes are MERMAIDS! *ahem* I have a slight obsession. ;p

ALSO KNOWN AS: [personal profile] sinicallytwisted <--- My art journal, which is also being worked on. ;)
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hey lady. I'm jlynnaz30 over there, so I'm going to add you. I tend to hang out over here more than LJ now.
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yeah, I still crosspost my entries over there, but I usually hang out here. you know you can import your content from LJ, right?
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oooh, i see. :P made sure you knew though!!
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Hello. I added you!
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