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It's a long 'un

ASL: 33/F/Canada

Interests: I write. I've been writing fanfic off-and-on for 20 years, though all of the fruits but the latest were long ago flushed down the Internet's vast series of tubes. Like so many, I'm sitting on a pile of original stories in the prewriting stage, to which I'm willing to devote the rest of my life, starting tomorrow. On the side I draw and vid a bit. I'm interested in politics defensively: I support freedom of expression and can be described as classically liberal. I don't meditate or read as much as I should, though I maintain a shrine and I collect books favoring weird and scary ideas: sci-fi, horror, philosophy, science, some fantasy. Poe, Lovecraft, Dick, Wells, Adams, Vonnegut, Wilde, Baum, more. I tentatively embrace psychedelics. While I can only play the piano a little and I only sing when I'm in the shower, music is the air my brain breathes. I love to dance: no partner, no rules. I like symphonic, progressive and neoclassical metal (in that order), also symphonies by themselves, and lots of other music. I've seen Nightwish in concert twice, met them once, and will be seeing them again next year. I enjoy browsing and curating at DeviantArt. I've got some more interests listed under my deviantID there.

Fandoms: In the past I was hugely into XFiles, Final Fantasy 8, Torchwood and Doctor Who. Now it's Stranger Things and Game of Thrones. I'm currently studying The Picture of Dorian Gray, as I'm working on something related to it. I've spent thousands of hours playing vidyagames whose fandoms I've never touched. I'm always in love with an evolving handful of actors, who are able to do beautifully in front of millions what I must do alone in the dark. The latest is Kit Harington, because I just found out we have the same favourite book: Nineteen Eighty Four (Orwell's prose is an essential nutrient). Also because of the pouty face. Is Jordan B. Peterson a fandom? I'm in that one too.

Why Dreamwidth: I grew up on angelfire and LJ. Currently I find most online places, especially social media places, to be impersonal, divisive, anti-intellectual and vulnerable to the tyrannies of moderators and majorities. I'm sick of likes, I'm sick of upvotes, I never really 'got' reblogs, and I'm sick of once-chronological feeds now being reordered by propagandistic, panopticonic algorithms. I'd rather have my discussions influenced by participants than by points awarded by uninvolved spectators and bias-confirming AI. It seems to me that online friendships have widely been replaced by online clans and mobs, and that self-interested conglomerates are deliberately feeding these divisions for financial gain. It sucks. It's alienating. It's suffocating. It makes me lonely.

Personal life: I live in a rented house, down the road from a university that I dropped out of a decade ago due to its corrupt and incompetent Humanities department and my own need to ogle gay guys while drunk and high. I have a beautiful long-haired muscly fiancee, two squishy chirpy cats, and a vegetable garden full of cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. I might be getting married in October, not that there's money for a wedding. I collect cheap makeup and temporary tattoos, I make peasant skirts and curtains out of bedsheets, I shop at Goodwill, I pay buskers. I get around on a bicycle and I move very heavy things around for health and hotness a few times a week. I'm estranged from my family of origin because my parents, especially my mother, were abusive toward me when I knew them. I may not be a team player but I don't weild torches, pitchforks or molotovs either. I manage intense emotion by articulating its causes as accurately as I can. I am undisciplined and unemployable. I have been misdiagnosed with several mental disorders by inept and greedy pill-pushers. I don't have anxiety, I am sometimes afraid because I'm affected by the human condition. I don't play diagnosis pokemon or identity pokemon. I wear the Auryn. My religion is fiction. My god is beauty. My moral compass is moved by suffering, compassion, truth and meaning.

What I'll journal about: I'll probably write more about my mental life than my personal life. Opinions, questions, vulnerabilities, complaints, recommendations, conundrums, philosophies, criticisms. The specifics are up in the air. And I'm sure there'll be more fanfic too.

What I'm looking for: Writers, individuals, creatives, truth tellers, smartypantses, down to earthers and jokers. If you're interested in what I'm interested in we're golden.
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You sound interesting and pretty grounded. Would you mind if I followed you?
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Your whole 'why Dreamwidth' section --> ♥♥♥
Very well put of what is actually wrong with Facebook and its ilk. I've never really been able to put it into words myself or even quite put my finger on what I thought was wrong with it, but I completely agreee and it was actually kind of free-ing to see someone express it.
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I find social media has become anything but, really. At this point I would hesitate to call a site like this 'social media', even those it's actually a medium where you can actually be, you know, social. That said, I do keep a Facebook, but since I discovered an add-on called 'FB Purity' which can filter out a slew of dreck, it's become rather more slow moving and much less of an irritant. Just being able to blanket hide anything containing the words 'competition' or 'giveaway' or 'like and share' has helped enormously. :)
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Hi, I'm Ashe and you sound awesome. Mind if I add you?
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I would LOVE To add you if thats alright! We share many interests, also some of my favorite genres (sci-fi, fantasy, horror, philosophy), spend way to much time playing video games, love to read, and oh my god x-files, stranger things and game of thrones <3!

I agree completely with the why your on dreamwidth bit! While I have many of the other social sites, they are all very lacking when it comes to an actual conversation :\
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I love your "why dreamwidth" paragraph! Aside from that, it looks like you write some Game of Thrones fic. It's a fandom I'm trying to get more involved with. I'm heavy into the theory side (I can't stop watching Preston Jacobs), but I want to read/write fic too. It's my favorite way of interacting with text. I added you!