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Name: Katie
Age: 36
Location: Central Coast California

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I work full time in a doctors office in medical records. I'm in the process of writing the second draft of a book. I love to hike and exercise as it helps with my depression. I love to travel, read, go to concerts and hang out with friends. I also help with the local film festival every year.

Top 5 Fandoms: LOST, Twin Peaks, Harry Potter

I mostly post about: Work, depression and trying to keep it balanced, my writing, hiking, my niece and nephew, travel, books, music, and throw in a touch of sarcasm.

I rarely post about: Politics (It's okay if you do. I probably will ignore that part of your entry.), When my depression hits, I try to talk about the positive and not the negative side of it.

My last three posts were about: My friend's page. I am just getting started into journaling again. I was big on Greatestjournal and Insane Journal. These days my IJ friends page never moves. I miss the connecting.

How often do you post? As often as I feel like writing. It could be 5 times a week more or less.

How about commenting? I will comment if I have something to say in the post.
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I would love to add you. I love to hike, love photography. Yes?
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"When my depression hits, I try to talk about the positive and not the negative side of it."

This is a very kind way of approaching a difficult struggle. I'm interested in slice-of-life journals, and would like to add you.
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It's great to have the support of your coworkers. I feel like my job can be quite isolating when it comes to one's mental health.