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Any Gamers in the House?


Midwest, USA

I'm a gamer by trade. Not really, just an IT peon who posts regular updates on my gaming habit. I'm also a grad student, so the updates will slow once the semester begins again.

Top Fandoms
Do games count? Warcraft 3, Jedia Knight Academy, Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, and Minecraft.

I mostly post about

Video games, reviews, suggestions, and random journaling about -- you guessed it -- games. I might start talking about board games later in the future. But it's all video games now.

I rarely post about

Politics, religion, family, etc.

My last three topics were about

Playing LOTRO, Ark, and Grow Up.

How often do you post?
I posted twice today.

How often do you comment?

Pretty empty for now. Would like to find friends to chat about games and music.

Final notes

This journal is no good at personal dialogues on journals, which I think most people want. If you think, "Huh, this guy seems nice to get to know." Send me a PM, and I will send you my regular journal name.

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