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Name: Christine (but you can call me Chrissy)
Age: 33
Location: NYC

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I have lived in NYC all my life. I am an author and poet. I am a future comedienne who is going to start doing open mic nights soon. I am a former figure skater. Anything else you would like to know feel free to ask me :)

Top 5 Fandoms: Impractical Jokers, Outlander, Gerard Butler, The Beatles, New Kids on the Block

I mostly post about: Impractical Jokers, especially Sal who is my favorite. And sometimes Murr, my second favorite lol. I also always post about my day, surveys, and daily 10 shuffle of songs on my phone.

I rarely post about: politics. Don't post about them at all.

My last three posts were about: finishing writing my 60th novel, top 10 shuffle, comedy show I went to

How often do you post? very often

How about commenting? I always comment in return of those who comment on my posts
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hey, I'm a fellow NYC girl born and raised (3rd generation). :)
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Hi Chrissy, I'm Sam. :) I LOVE Joey Mc so much!!! <3 and Paul in the Beatles too! He is still adorbs and a talented musician. I post a lot too. :p
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Hi there! I'm a huge Outlander fan (show and books -- and am trying to get a community off the ground), and love the Beatles and totally respect and admire anyone who has the guts to do stand-up because I sure as hell wouldn't/couldn't! I've granted you access to my journal as it's mostly locked content.